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:: Fun Light Fixtures In The Kitchen ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

9dce46294edabdcf38e67178dbe483b5We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s no one making you use boring light fixtures in your kitchen. It’s time you take your kitchen’s lighting into your hands, much like these fabulous kitchen owners have. There are so many options out there to choose from and to play with! Best part is, it’s an inexpensive upgrade compared to an entire kitchen appliance overhaul. So get out there and check out some of those options! We’ve got a few beautiful kitchens with great light fixtures installed in this post, but check our kitchen board on the Tuvalu Home Pinterest and don’t forget to go to the Tuvalu Home online store to start shopping right now!
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:: Coastal Curb Appeal Pt. 2 ::


Tuesday Tips

b8fc7b697c495f752b7d5be67b420a82We’re not done trying to boost your home’s coastal curb appeal! This week we’re bringing you part two! If you missed last week’s post (part 1), you can give it a quick read here! This week we’re looking at your exterior lighting situation. Upgrading your lights is a great way to bring character and charm to the front of your house.

You don’t want to be one of the boring people that use the typical lights, do you? Heck no! This quick and easy upgrade can really bring out the coastal curb appeal making you stand out next to your neighbors. Grab some vintage, rustic looking lights to get that old, salty beach look that comes with living on the coast and fall in love with your beautiful home all over again. Let ’em hang, mount ’em up or run ’em down the entry path; use light fixtures to bump up the coastal curb appeal of your home.

Check out some these pictures for some inspiration and stayed tuned, because next week we’ve got another coastal curb appeal tip!
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:: West Bridge Light Fixtures ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

WB-private-dining-3-682x1024 WB-private-dining-682x1024 WB-private-and-main-dining-682x1024Browsing on some of the blogs today we stumbled upon this amazing rope chandelier on designskool. This beautiful fixture uses a sturdy metal base that’s wrapped in thick rope with vintage styled light bulbs. The minute we saw it we loved it. The thick ropes remind us of boats and the sea. They also remind us of nautical decor and the fun you can have designing with rope.

This chandelier is installed in a private dining room in the restaurant called West Bridge located in Massachusetts. While browsing some of the other images of the restaurant we also noticed that they used some vintage inspired light fixtures to give the space a vintage look. These light fixtures also add to the space’s simple, minimalistic design. Normally we stick to our beloved homes, but when we see a beautiful and unique chandelier, or any piece for that matter, we have to share it with you guys.

If you would like to see more pictures of the restaurant, click over to designskool or on any of the images above. All pictures taken by designskool.