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:: Stress-Free Coastal Living Room Design ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal living room witha beauitful view!Decorating a living room can be a stressful project to take on. You start the project with high hopes and a dream of new beginning in your living room. Well, once you get started you find out quick that this is never the case. So why not give yourself a head start and plan it right? We’ve got 3 stress-free tips on how to decorate your living room. This will help you on your decorating journey and make the process go a lot smoother. Let’s start decorating!

1. Work It or Toss It.

First thing you need to do is find out what’s staying and what’s going. Are you completely redoing the whole living room or are you keeping certain pieces? Take a look at what you want to keep in the space and how you’re going to use it. Does it need to be a repainted? Reupholstered? Moved? Find out what you want to keep and what will work with your new decor idea. If you it’s old, broken, no longer needed or doesn’t fit in the new decor style then get rid of it.

2. Decide On Your Colors.

Next it’s all about the colors. Deciding what color palette you want to use is a huge part of the decorating battle. Once you’ve picked your colors it’s all downhill from that point on. Actually picking your colors can be a difficult process if you have no idea what you want. Try looking at other spaces to find color palette inspiration or head down to your local hardware store and grab some swatches to play around with. Just be certain on what colors you want because no one wants to repaint a freshly painted wall right after you change your mind.

3. Add Your Style.

This is the most important part of the process. Don’t forget to add your personal style to the space. Try not to get caught up in what other designers or friends are doing. Don’t get us wrong, definitely use other’s design ideas for inspiration, but do it in your own way. The best part of adding your style is that it is constantly and always evolving and changing. There’s no time limit on your design process so it’s okay to take your time and really figure out what you want to add to the space. Maybe you want to go minimal and modern coastal or nautical with your living room. Find out what you want and then let the decorating begin!
Coastal living room with coasatal art on the wall Simple coastal cottage living room Tropical coastal living room with an amazing vewCoastal living room decorated with stripes and fun patterns

:: Add Coffee Table Books For The Complete Coastal Look ::


Tuesday Tips

Beautiful coastal coffee table books and decorIs your coffee table missing something? You have your coral, your flower or plant, but you still feel like it’s missing something. Try adding coffee table books!

Coffee table books are great way to display your interests and compliment your decor. They are a great accessory that can fill space without creating clutter. You can stack a few of your favorites and create a pedestal for another accessory as well, like a stunning white piece of coral or a wonderful smelling candle. Make those accessories work for you! It’s also fun to toss home decor books on the coffee table to have them accessible for inspiration.

Take a look at these coffee table books and see how you can use them on your coffee table!
Coffee table books and blue and white chinoiserie Coffee table decor styled with coral, shells, books and moreCoastal details in the living room Coffee tables books in a coastal home

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins 112 ::


Monday Pins

Coastal bedroom with a cozy seating area by the windowIt’s Monday and that means it’s time for your coastal home decor pins! Get those pin buttons ready because we have five, fresh coastal pins ready for those boards. Get inspired by the natural light and open feeling that each of these spaces offer. We love the way these designers decorated these rooms and wanted to share with you all! We hope you have a great week and a very happy Monday!

Do you want more coastal home decor? Then head on over to the Tuvalu Home Pinterest!
Coastal dining space with open shelves by the dining table Cozy coastal living room with lots of playful patterns Monochromatic coastal nedroom with touches of tropical decor Open living room with lots of natural light and neutral colors

:: 3 Tips For A Cozy Living Room ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal cottage living room looking extra cozyThere are few things better than a cozy living room. Thats why if you want to make your living room nice and cozy we have a couple tips for you. Grab your favorite blanket, snuggle up and keep reading!

1. Space To Relax

One thing you want in your cozy living room is dedicated space to relax in. That means once you’re wrapped up in your warmest blanket you won’t have to move to get out of someone’s way or have people climbing over you. The last thing you want is to be playing musical chairs and constantly moving. Plan for your living room’s natural movement throughout the space. Don’t make it difficult for people to get in and out of the area while trying to relax.

2. Incorporate Color Layers

When we think of layers we instantly think throw blankets and pillows. These add the different textures and charm to the space which is definitely a fun part a cozy living room. Another way to play with the space visually is to use contrasting colors. We’re talking dark blue pillows on white sofa and vice versa. This adds a color layer that grabs your attention and pair with textures can create the ultimate cozy cottage space.

3. Use Natural Elements

Bring in natural materials such as wood, bamboo or jute to give the space that organic feel. These elements are tuned into nature and create a wholesome feeling in a cozy space. They add the character and dynamic traits that connect our bodies to the outside world.   Cozy coastal cottage style living room Cozy coastal living room with modern styles Set of chairs in a cozy coastal living room

:: Does Your Living Room Flow? ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal cottage with noticable texturesWhat is flow? Flow is the ease of movement through a space. It means we aren’t tripping over ottomans, weaving betweens chairs or scooting around coffee tables when we try to move through a living room.

There is no reason your living room should not flow.

If it does not flow it typically means one of two things. First, there’s just too much stuff. Get rid of what is unnecessary. Store it, sell it or donate it. Second, you didn’t plan. You should always know your measurements. Know the measurements of the space, the furniture you’re trying to put in the space and the negative space.

Negative space is the area you actually live in. It’s the space between the coffee table and sofa where your legs go. It’s the space that you use to float that pouf between your chairs and sofa. When you plan the space for actual room to function and live in you will find the flow throughout the space.Eclectic coastal living room with tall ceilings making it feel very open Modern coastal living room Open coastal living room with modern and cottage style

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins #41 ::


Monday Pins

Bright coastal living roomEverybody it’s Monday!! It’s time for your coastal home decor pins! We’ve got five pins that are fresh for those coastal Pinterest boards. We gathered these pins to help you get inspired and for spread the love for coastal home decor! We hope you have a good week and have a happy Monday!

Do you want more coastal home decor pins for your Pinterest boards? Head over to the Tuvalu Home Pinterest!
Coastal staircase in an all white monochromatic style home Cute coastal cottage living room Living room with elegant coastal decor Neutral colors paired with blue hues in a coastal living room

:: Floor Pillows, Cushions & Poufs ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal living room with a cottage feelHave you thought about bringing a little pouf into your life? More importantly, into your home? These floor pillows are the perfect accessory for any family room or living room. They add a fun design element and double as a little extra seating. Who wouldn’t mind that? They’re especially great for all those entertainers out there!

In design, it’s the little things that count and a pouf can be used as a great accent in any space. They can add texture, color, or even act as a little extra filler in a large room. Tight on space or budget? No problem! These little guys are what you’re looking for! And when they’ve served their purpose or are no longer needed, you just pick up and move them out. Take a look at the poufs used these photos! They look great right??

Start shopping for poufs now online at Tuvalu Home!

Coastal living room with a blue and white stripe sofa, an accent chair and a cozy pouf Poufs in a cozy coastal cottage living room Poufs designed as extra seating in a coastal living room Nautical inspired cottage with a pouf

:: 3 Easy Tips To A Kid Friendly Living Room ::


Tuesday Tips

coastal living room ready to take on the familyChildren play a large part when it comes to home design. Designing for the kids is completely different than designing for an empty nest, especially when it comes to younger kids. The way you shop for furniture and accessories will be and is completely different. That’s why we have 3 easy tips for you on how to design a kid friendly living room! We want to get you started on the right foot. Hopefully we can get you thinking about a few key design points when it comes to decorating with kids in mind.

1. Upholstery that can take a beating.

The sofa and the chairs are going into battle. It’s furniture versus children and the kids have the upper hand. The upholstery will be jumped on, spilled on and dirtied up. Invest in materials that can stand the abuse and can be easily cleaned. If you can only get one, choose the latter of the two. One choice to consider is leather. Leather can stand up to the abuse and can be cleaned fairly easy. Leather isn’t your style? Start looking into slipcovers – now. They will become your best friends when the messes come. Just pull them off and wash them, Life can be that easy sometimes.

2. Pick out a strong coffee table.

This is a must! You NEED a coffee table that will last. This is going to be a crucial piece in the living room. The kids will use it for many things and you’ll be extremely thankful you picked out a good, sturdy coffee table. It will be used as a place to eat, a place to play, a place for crafts and many other activities. Do it right the first time and get a solid, reliable coffee table.

3. Choose a wipe worthy paint.

Not all paint is created equal. You find this out when you have kids. Some how, some way, it all ends up on the walls. Researchers still have no idea how this happens and will forever be a mystery. It’s truly inevitable which means you need to cover the walls with paint that can stand a deep cleaning. Look into paint that can hold up with a thorough wipe down and won’t fade after one clean. It also doesn’t hurt to keep a little extra touch up paint handy, but let’s hope it never gets to that point.

coastal living room inviting you to come in and relax coastal living room ready to entertain and provide comfort coastal living room with a great view!coastal living room with texture enhancing details

:: Coastal Home Monday Pins #16 ::


Monday Pins

Bright and pattern filled coastal home living roomIt’s Monday and that means it’s time for coastal home decor pins! This week we have five more coastal pins for your Pinterest boards. So get ready to pin ’em and share ’em, ladies and gentlemen! Most importantly, don’t forget to have a good week! Happy Monday!
Clean lines in a modern coastal kitchen Coastal style bedroom with simple decor Eclectic coastal dining area Simple coastal home entryway

:: Coastal Home Monday Pins #5 ::


Monday Pins

Beautiful coastal kitchen and dining area with a beautiful viewIt’s Monday and that means it’s time for coastal home decor pins! Get those pin buttons ready because we’ve got five more pin-worthy, coastal home photos ready for your boards! This week we’ve gathered a healthy range of coastal styles and rooms throughout the house to diversify those boards. If you want more, you can always head over to the Tuvalu Home Pinterest and browse all of our coastal decor boards. Okay, enough words – more pins. Have at it and happy pinning! coastal home bar ready for entertaining coastal home work space Dining space opening up into a coastal living room Nautical inspired decor in the living room