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:: Tuva-Luvs – Liz ::


Thursday Tuva-Luvs

This week our Tuva-Luv comes from Liz! One of her store favorites is this set of five natural rattan wall mirrors! Add this five piece natural rattan wall mirror set to any wall for an instant gallery-style effect and a fun, relaxed take on sunburst-mirror style. The unique part about these mirrors are the imperfections that are a natural characteristic of rattan. No set will be the same! Get a closer look at the each mirror’s style and flare now! Check out the natural rattan wall mirrors here!

Want more Tuva-Luvs and store favorites? Then do yourself a favor and head to the Tuva-Luvs Page now!


:: Spotted! Jamie Young Leather Mirror ::


Feature Friday

spotted-jamie-young-round-leather-mirror-country-living-tuvalu-homeWe were flipping through the latest Country Living mag and we spotted one of our favorite mirrors! This mirror looks great in this space and we love how this designer used it in the bedroom! If you want to pick up the Jamie Young Round Leather Mirror you can grab it here! Happy Friday

:: Spotted! Round Leather Mirror ::


Feature Friday

round-leather-mirror-bathroom-coastal-tuvalu-home We’ve spotted the super cute Jamie Young Round Leather Mirror in Coastal Living’s Our Favorite Beach Cottages! This mirror works great in bathrooms, shown above, and brings an amazing simplistic look to the space with little effort. If you’re interested in picking one up you can go to our online store and snag one here! Happy Friday!

:: Spotted! Oyster Shell Mirror ::


Feature Friday

If you flip through the October issue of Coastal Living you’ll spot this little gem. It’s located in the Things We Love section and we agree! The Oyster Shell Mirror is one of our favorites and can add life to any dull wall. This mirror brings the ocean to your home by giving it that beach cottage feel. Pick up the Oyster Shell Mirror here or click on the picture to go to the online store. Happy Friday!

:: Mirrors & Your Home ::


Tuesday Tips

Mirrors can be your best friend or the thing you hate most. It depends on your mood and what you see in the reflection. Mirrors that are used for decorating purposes will always be your best friend. They can add light to the space and make small spaces look bigger. If you have a small room to work with, or your home is smaller, you can add some space with mirrors. It will open the room up and make it feel bigger. The mirrors take the focus off the walls leaving your space feeling deeper and larger.Mirrors can also lighten up the space. By putting a mirror opposite windows it will bring more light into the room. Be careful though! You don’t want your mirrors reflecting harsh sun rays or light. That will bring unwanted light into the space and make you wish you didn’t have your beautiful mirrors. Put your mirror to work by displaying it opposite your favorite piece of art. It will reflect the art and draw more attention to it. Mirrors can be fun and very useful, bring a mirror into your space and notice the difference today.

Get started on your mirror search at Tuvalu Home! Come on down to the store or get started online here!

:: Bring Out The Bamboo ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

It’ summer time! So why not incorporate some bamboo into your home? Bring a little beach back to your home! We got three solid bamboo pieces that would make a great addition to any space. If you just want to add a touch of bamboo, then the mirror we’re showing you below will work out great for you!

Looking for a  bamboo mirror?? Well we’ve got it! This mirror works great anywhere in the home. Want to get a little crazy? Bring it outside and mount it in a totally different environment. The choice is yours! Plus it comes in a variety of colors! Snag the Chloe Mirror and get your Bamboo Accents Started Here!

Want to recreate this look in your home? Well let us start you off with the perfect bamboo desk. These have been showing up in all shapes, sizes and colors. Get your hands on one and start bringing the coastal look to your home. They can also be used in a couple ways. It can be used for its actually purpose, which is a desk and then you have yourself a cute mini office in your home or they can be used like semi-replacement side console. Perfect size for any apartment or tight squeeze! Check out our Bamboo Desk Here!

It’s time to get your chest on! We cannot forget about the bedroom. A bamboo chest will continue to bring your coastal theme throughout your home and let’s not forget the storage space. Let’s be honest, we all have stuff and it needs to be put some where! The chest will also give you more opportunities to decorate and bring other design pieces into the space. Shop our Love Letters Bamboo Chest Here!

:: Style Your Bookcase Like a Designer ::


Tuesday’s Tip from the Pros

What is it that draws our eye to a well dressed bookcase? We know it when we see a drool worthy piece in magazines or online. But how do you get that in your home? Here are a few quick and easy tips:

bookcase painted back

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