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:: Blue & White Coastal Monday Pins ::


Blue and white are two classic coastal colors that will embody the decor style until the end of time. They blend and compliment each other so effortlessly it’s a shame that more homes and spaces aren’t decorated with these two colors. These colors even work in multiple coastal styles like modern, cottage or nautical decor. That’s why this week’s Monday Pins post is all about blue and white coastal decor. So get those pin buttons ready and hit those boards! We hope you have a good week and enjoy yourself!
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:: Modern Coastal Seating ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Modern coastal living room with an amazing view, modern style chairs and minimal stylePull up a chair and get comfortable. But not just any chair, a chair that has a modern look and feel. Pairing modern and coastal design styles creates a stunning, clean look that is easy on the eyes and inspires others. Using a chair or two is a good way to bring a touch of modern decor to any space. They aren’t over bearing or large enough to create an awkward flow in the design, but they do bring enough to the room that they are a noticeable addition. With many different styles, color and materials, you can find a modern style chair that will fit perfectly into any space you’re trying to design. Take a look at how these designers used modern chairs in these coastal homes. Get inspired and maybe try something new in your home!

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Simple, modern dining space with coastal style and decor Modern, coastal kitchen with metal base, wood topped bar stools and a pair of unique pendant lights Coastal breakfast nook with a modern, cottage feel Coastal dining space with hints of modern style

:: Modern/Eclectic Coastal Design ::


Tuesday Tips

61905cd904fdce7698b96939f2e6ff0cModern coastal and electric coastal design is exactly what you think it is. It’s fun, bright and of course unique. These styles work best for those who love the coastal style, but want to add a little more punch and then give it a twist. The styles let the designer really play with colors and patterns as well. There’s no such thing as too wild or too bright! Anything can be used and incorporated in to the space with no problem at all.

One characteristic of the style is the hard modern lines that come from the decor in the space. Typically it’s from the furniture such as a coffee table, side table or even a bed frame. These lines give the space the modern look, but it is usually blended into the space with complimenting decor. The decor tends to be bright and colorful which makes decorating for this style fun. It’s typical to see pops of bright color layered on top of natural decor pieces to balance out the space. The color draws in the viewers eyes and the designer uses the natural decor pieces or natural colored pieces to fill the space so it’s doesn’t appear empty. You will also notice that the base color in most modern, eclectic spaces is a neutral color. This allows for the decor to really shine. It’s not rare to see bright colors on the walls every once in awhile as well.

A big design piece used in these styles is art. Art really drives the style home. It can be used in two different ways in these styles. First, it can be used as a focal point. The designer will design the space around the piece making it the center of attention. They will use other pieces that compliment the art and make it really stand out. Second, the art will just be a complimentary piece. Something that has the palette colors in it, but is subtle and doesn’t demand attention. This way the walls are covered and not left looking empty.

These styles are usually pretty minimal as well. They let the patterns and colors do the talking, there’s no need to cram the space with extra accessories. The accessories that are used in the spaces tend to be unique and special. The same goes with the furniture.  Once again, giving the viewers something fun to look at.

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:: Tour de Coastal Design ::


Tuesday Tips


So you like coastal design? Great! Because we do too! The best part about coastal design and decor is that there’s much more to it than pretty shells and cute hues of blue. There are multiple types of coastal decor within the design style. They are beach cottage/rustic, Scandinavian, modern/eclectic, Mediterranean and tropical. Each design style has it’s own unique characteristics that we plan on looking at and breaking down. In the coming Tuesday tips posts we’ll feature one of the design styles and show you guys what they’re all about. To give you all a quick preview of what’s to come we’ve found living rooms from each style to include in this post. Stay tuned and check back in to see each style up close and personal!

Beach Cottage/Rustic




Mediterranean mediterranean-coastal-style-living-room-decor-tuvalu-home


Tropical tropical-coastal-decor-living-room-tuvalu-home-2

:: Modern Coastal Decor ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

There are different styles and design elements in decor. With coastal decor, and many other design styles, there isn’t just one, cookie cutter way to go about it. With all the unique styles and tastes out there the decor is going to change from person to person. Modern coastal decor brings all of our favorite coastal colors and tones with sharper, cleaner edges and shapes. Modern decor has a very geometric look by itself. When you bring coastal decor into the design mix you get some fun, unique shapes and spaces.

Modern coastal decor is a simple and minimal style; less is more when it comes to the modern coastal look. Just like any style, it isn’t limited to any specific hues or furniture. It can have a bright and bold palette or a calm neutral palette. Take a look at some of these examples we have for you. If you like some of the elements use them to inspire you and possibly work the modern coastal decor style into your home. It’s always fun and interesting to see new or different ways of designing. Are you guys fans of modern coastal decor? Let us know! Tweet us at @tuvaluhome, leave a comment on here or let us know on our facebook page!