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:: Bring On The Breakfast Nook ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Breakfast nook in a coastal cottageHow nice would it be to wake up and have breakfast your breakfast nook. Who doesn’t want to cozy up with their favorite book/magazine and a warm cup of coffee? This scenario sounds perfect to us!

We love some of these amazing breakfast nooks and had to share with you guys! We love the built-in seating and the extra dining seats it offers. The space also gives us a little extra space to compliment the kitchen decor and take it step further. utilizing the space is a great way to make sure you use every part of the room. Waste not! Plus, there are people who would love to that extra space, so use it!

What do you think about breakfast nooks? Love yours? Want one or need one? Let us know what you think and don’t forget to check out what these designers have done with these nooks!
Coastal breakfast nook with lots of natural light Cozy coastal cottage with a cute dining space Kitchen breakfast nook converted into a dining space

:: Maximize Your Window Nook ::


Tuesday Tips

Window nook painted a fun turquoise and decorated with pillows to complimentWindow nooks are a great addition to any home. They allow extra light into the home, give you a nice little place to sit and can offer up some extra storage. Does your home have a window nook? If it does, are you taking advantage of it? Don’t overlook this little architectural detail! Window nooks give you plenty of space to decorate and design. You can bring life to them with just a few pillows or you can keep going with the decor and maybe even install some storage space. They also allow you carry your decor throughout the home. They can be used as a transitional area to keep your home’s style flowing from space to space. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a nice, big window that brightens up a space and lets it breathe? We’re trying to liven up the home and natural light allows us to do just that.

Take a look at what these designers have done with window nooks. See how they style them and what accessories they use to really decorate the nook to it’s fullest! Get inspired and then start on your nook! Or start dreaming about the nook you wish you had ;).
Beautiful window nook allowing natural light to pour into the space Cute cottage window nook decoratde with fun patterns and matching colors Great storage use out of a window nook Simple window nook with padding for sitting and cozy pillows