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:: Breezy Monday Pins ::


A cozy, wicker style chair with a coastal view and breezeEven though summer is winding down it seems the heat isn’t ready to go. It’s time to open the windows and catch a breeze! We hope these fabulous photos of these gloriously, breezy homes help keep you in a cool mindset. Get those boards ready and start pinning these pictures! It’s like you can feel the wind flowing on your face!

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Breezy ocean view off the back patio with flowy white curtains and blue accent accessories Cozy chairs on the beach with a creeze blwing and keeping you cool Open windows creating a breezy, airy dining space Open windows giving the space fresh air and natural lighting

:: Outdoor Dreaming Weekend Pins ::


Feature Friday

Beautiful coastal home with open space and large windowsIt’s such a nice day out and we’re dying to get outside! We keep looking out the windows imagining it’s the weekend and we’re free to play. That’s why this Weekend Pins post is all about windows and the great views that they provide. It’s keeping us from going insane inside and motivates us to hold on because the weekend is almost here. Hopefully these photos do the same for you guys. Get your boards ready ladies and gentlemen, let the pinning begin! Enjoy the weekend! Happy Friday!

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Coastal bedroom with a ocean front view Coastal decor with a view Coastal home with a great view Modern Coasatl Home With A Beautiful View