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:: 3 Quick Tips For Outdoor Dining ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal outdoor dining spaceThe sun is out and it’s starting to heat up! Perfect weather to head to the backyard for a dinner and a sunset. The spring and summer seasons are great for outdoor dining. When the heat starts to linger into the nights it creates a cozy outdoor dining experience. We have 3 quick tips to help you take total advantage of the weather and get the most of the season!

1. Dinnerware

There’s no need for extra fancy dishes and utensils, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be cute! Heading outside for a little dinner can easily get messy and the last thing you want or need are broken plates or cups – leave the glass and porcelain inside. Find cute melamine plates and acrylic cups for the perfect outdoor dining experience!

2. Comfy Seats

Being comfortable makes every experience better. This is a fact. Outdoor dinners are one-fourth eating and three-fourths spending time with the people you love. Why not make sure everyone is comfortable while they enjoy the weather? Invest in some chairs that offer comfort. Take it to the next level in decor and comfort by snagging some outdoor cushions for ultimate coziness.

3. Enjoy The View

This tip is the most important! Enjoy being outside! Enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful weather! Enjoy the company and enjoy your backyard space!

Outdoor dining space with fun chairs Simple outdoor dining space Coastal outdoor space for dining


:: Cover Up That Table! ::


Bright striped table cover in a tropical style backyardThis hot weather is great for two things: getting started on your base tan and outdoor dining. Since you don’t see any bronzed bodies in this post, it’s safe to say that we’re focusing on the latter of the two. The hot heat carries throughout the day and doesn’t really start to cool down until night time which creates the perfect temperatures for a family dinner in the backyard. Cue the tablecloths and table runners! They are the perfect addition to any backyard dining or mid day picnic. They bring fun colors or patterns as well as a nice cover up for that weathered table that’s been fighting the elements. Check out some these tablecloths and table runners below to see what you can do in your backyard this outdoor season!
Coastal backyard with a fun table setting and table runner Simple stipe tabke runner on an eclectic, coastal style table Striped tabelcloth on a rsutic style outdoor table

:: Coastal Party Weekend Pins ::


Feature Friday

Coastal dining on the waterHot and fresh out of the kitchen, it’s the weekend! We’re about to have some fun! This week’s Weekend Pins post features outdoor spaces gearing up for a coastal gathering. Take advantage of this Labor Day weekend and get outside! Call everyone up and get the grill started! And make sure they know to bring lots of wine and smiles! Get those boards ready, pin these pins and then head out to enjoy your weekend. Happy Labor Day!

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Coastal bar with drinks for the party! Coastal outdoor dining on the water Outdoor dining on the patio decorated in stripes Outdoor dining with a beautiful view

:: Coastal Open Air Dining ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

coastal open air dining in the backyard with an amazing viewWith the heat sticking around later into the night, it give us the opportunity to dine outside. So naturally, we have to take advantage of it and you should too! Head outdoors and enjoy a nice meal with some fresh air. We’re loving the idea of being outside as much as we can and we found some great outdoor dining spaces that reflect just that. Check out how these people are enjoying their open air dining experience and see how they decorated.
coastal ourdoor dining on a table featuring a cute fish pattern table cloth coastal outdoor dining with a fun mix of modern coastal decor coastal outdoor dining with a magnificent boat piece coastal outdoor dining with a wonderful breeze

:: Beach Dining ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

9cafa0f92084462ac1587670522c4fd3Who’s going to say no to a little beach dining? We know we won’t! Just imagine sitting around the table with your favorite people enjoying good food and drinks while you dig your toes into the cool evening sand. Sounds perfect, right? That’s why we’re on board with beach dining. We love the shabby chic idea of sitting around on pillows and relaxing on the beach. We’ve posted up some inspiring pictures to get you guys in the mood for some good times dining on the beach! Now get out there and enjoy yourselves!
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:: Coastal Outdoor Dining ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

img67o We love being outside during summer time and in Southern California we try to find any excuse to get out. So of course we’re going to want to get the family outside and enjoy dinner. Why wouldn’t we? Today’s post is all about outdoor dining and we grabbed some photos to show you what others are doing. But don’t just sit here and wish you could do this! Make it happen and bring your families dinner outdoors tonight!
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