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:: Wicker Pendant Lights ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

c85a51b3c4e7eceaabb940d8effccc00We love the way these wicker pendants look! They look so amazing in these kitchens and add great volume to the space. These wicker pendants capture your attention while filling up the typically unused vertical space that is begging to be inhabited in every kitchen. The pedants also have that classic coastal feel and vibe from the wicker which makes them easily blend into the rest of the coastal decor. Check out some of these images and how these designers used the wicker pendants to complete these kitchens. 10798902c36ec89bc870bc56a3a76961 d2ccf29033d29dedb2cae7ba5e4002d830cd589abaad904e7469f5b01f3192f6

:: Get The Look – Ship Shape ::


Tuesday Tips

get-the-look-coastal-living-ship-shape-tuvalu-homeWe’ve got another Get The Look post for you guys today and we’re bringing the magazine look to your home again! We found this beautiful living room in Coastal Living and decided to recreate it for you guys! So we grabbed a few pieces to show you how easy it is to recreate this look and get started with your designing!
get-the-look-coastal-living-ship-shape-windsor-coffee-table-tuvalu-home Let’s start with the coffee table. We’ll use it to center the room and build out. Grab the Windsor Coffee Table to bring that classic rustic, coastal look to the space. Check it out here!
get-the-look-coastal-living-ship-shape-jute-rug-tuvalu-homeYou’ve gotta lay down that rug! What else are we going to lay down in our coastal homes besides a jute rug? Snag yours here!
get-the-look-coastal-living-ship-shape-harmony-sofa-tuvalu-homeWhere are you going to sit? On your Harmony Sofa – That’s where! This white sofa gives you the perfect blank canvas to play with. Add colors or keep it nuetral, the choice is yours! Look at the sofa here!
get-the-look-coastal-living-ship-shape-red-coral-pillow-tuvalu-homeWe agree with this designer on bringing in some color with the pillows. Bring in some fun bright pillows like these Red Coral Pillows and watch them shine on that sofa! Grab these pillows here!
get-the-look-coastal-living-ship-shape-anaheim-glass-lamp-tuvalu-homeWith those cute lamps poking over the sofa you better bring out your A game! So why not toss the Anteriors Anaheim Glass Lamp back there? Let them stand tall and proud! Take a look at the lamp here!
We also spotted this little bonus hanging in the kitchen! We couldn’t leave these out, now could we? Score some of these Anteriors Kenneth Pendants and give that kitchen a much deserved light fixture! You can find this guy here!

:: Spotted! Anteriors Reeves Pendant Light ::


Feature Friday


Flip through this month’s Coastal Living and you’ll spot this little section on pendant lights featuring the Anteriors Revees Pendant Light! It’s a great way to switch up your old lighting fixtures and bring some new flare into your kitchen! Check out the Anteriors Revees Pendant Light online here! Happy Friday!