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:: Cover Up That Table! ::


Bright striped table cover in a tropical style backyardThis hot weather is great for two things: getting started on your base tan and outdoor dining. Since you don’t see any bronzed bodies in this post, it’s safe to say that we’re focusing on the latter of the two. The hot heat carries throughout the day and doesn’t really start to cool down until night time which creates the perfect temperatures for a family dinner in the backyard. Cue the tablecloths and table runners! They are the perfect addition to any backyard dining or mid day picnic. They bring fun colors or patterns as well as a nice cover up for that weathered table that’s been fighting the elements. Check out some these tablecloths and table runners below to see what you can do in your backyard this outdoor season!
Coastal backyard with a fun table setting and table runner Simple stipe tabke runner on an eclectic, coastal style table Striped tabelcloth on a rsutic style outdoor table

:: Coastal Picnics ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal picnic on the beachSummer’s the perfect season for a picnic. The beach is the perfect place to hang out during the summer. So when we combine these two greats, we have an amazing time ahead of us. Beach picnics are a great way to wind down the summer. They’re relaxing and mellow. Grab a big blanket, make some tasty food, gather up friends and family and head to the beach. Time it right and catch the sunset. Who’s going to say no to that? We definitely aren’t! Plan a picnic this week or even get started on plans for one this weekend. See you on the beach!
Coastal picnic on the beach! So cute! French picnic on the beach Nautical picnic on the beach Picnic on the baech with great coastal decor