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:: 6 Tips On Creating A Gallery Wall ::


Tuesday Tips

how-to-create-a-gallery-wall-coral-coastalGallery walls are a great way to show off your art and photos. They also allow you to use your walls for design and to show off the things you love. Here are a few tips to creating a beautiful gallery wall:

  1. Get meaningful art pieces and pictures to frame to make your gallery more personalized.
  2. Pick out fun, interesting and unique frames; the art isn’t the only thing being displayed.
  3. Decide if you want a color palette or not.
  4. There isn’t a ‘right way’ to layout your gallery wall; there are no rules for displaying your pieces.
  5. There are no limits on how many pieces or the sizes you can use.
  6. Practice your gallery set up by laying it out on the floor.

Remember that a gallery wall is a direct expression of you, so don’t limit yourself! Show off your passions! Have fun putting your gallery wall together, but don’t forget to try new and different things to find your perfect layout!


:: Huntington Beach Design Work ::


We updated our portfolio and uploaded all of our Huntington Beach design work photos into it! We’ve got a little sneak peek of what’s in store for you featured above, but if you want to check out the rest of it you can now! Go to our Huntington Beach Portfolio Here! Want more Tuvalu design work? Browse our portfolio Here! We hope you enjoy!

:: Picture This ::


Tuesday’s Tip From The Pros

Today’s tip is a quick one about a different way to present framed pictures and art. We were looking through older magazines for inspiration because over time your tastes change. Things you weren’t into or didn’t even come close to interesting now have become just the opposite. We highly recommend you look through old design books and magazines. They are great because you can add your new ideas and styles into old ones. We found this image in an older edition of Coastal Living and fell in love with it. We love the creative and different way they set their photos up around the space instead of hanging them. It allows them to show more pieces and gives that relaxed look that every beach inspired space should have. Be different and be creative! Try new things!

Want to show us what you’ve done with your home? Send us some pictures and we’d love to post them!