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:: We Remerchandised The Store! Pt. 2 ::


Tuvalu_Store_Pano_5Here’s the rest of the store remerch photos! We’ve put together some of our favorite vignettes during this store remerchandising and we’re happy we get to show you guys! But enough with the words, on to the photos! Scroll down and check them out! If you want to see everything in person come on down and say hi! tuvalu-remerch-19tuvalu-remerch-21tuvalu-remerch-20tuvalu-remerch-22tuvalu-remerch-23tuvalu-remerch-24tuvalu-remerch-50tuvalu-remerch-51tuvalu-remerch-52tuvalu-remerch-53tuvalu-remerch-54Tuvalu_Store_Pano_4tuvalu-remerch-1tuvalu-remerch-2tuvalu-remerch-3tuvalu-remerch-4tuvalu-remerch-5tuvalu-remerch-6tuvalu-remerch-7tuvalu-remerch-8tuvalu-remerch-9tuvalu-remerch-10tuvalu-remerch-12tuvalu-remerch-30tuvalu-remerch-29tuvalu-remerch-28tuvalu-remerch-27tuvalu-remerch-26tuvalu-remerch-25tuvalu-remerch-18tuvalu-remerch-17tuvalu-remerch-16tuvalu-remerch-15tuvalu-remerch-14tuvalu-remerch-13

:: We Remerchandised The Store! Pt. 1 ::


Tuvalu_Store_Pano_1We finished remerchandising the store at the end of last week and we’re pretty happy about the way it came out. Okay, we love the way it came out! The store looks great and we want to show it to you guys! We’d love for all of you to come in and get the full experience in person, but we know the Tuvalu family is spread out around the world. So take a look at what we’ve done with the store! If you see anything you like and can’t make it in, drop us a line and we’ll get you sorted out! And stayed tuned for more because this is only part 1 of 2!
tuvalu-remerch-40 tuvalu-remerch-39 tuvalu-remerch-42tuvalu-remerch-37tuvalu-remerch-41tuvalu-remerch-38Tuvalu_Store_Pano_2tuvalu-remerch-31tuvalu-remerch-32tuvalu-remerch-33tuvalu-remerch-34tuvalu-remerch-35tuvalu-remerch-36Tuvalu_Store_Pano_3tuvalu-remerch-45tuvalu-remerch-46tuvalu-remerch-47tuvalu-remerch-48tuvalu-remerch-49tuvalu-remerch-56tuvalu-remerch-57

:: Store Remerch Preview! ::


Tuvalu_Store_Pano_1We just remerchandised the entire store! You need to come in and see how cute everything looks ASAP! We love the look the store has right now and we have a lot more photos to show you guys! So be patient because they’ll be posted in no time!