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Tuesday Tips

24c45386dfdea4cd6588a8b1df0198dcScandinavian coastal design is a style that easily recognizable. You’ve seen it before and, just like us, you wish your home was decorated with this style. It’s most noticeable feature is the all the white decor. It has all white everything. If there is any color, it’s minimal and typically a neutral or natural tone.

Another big design aspect of the style is the open, airy feeling in the space. Each room feels spacious and roomy. This is achieved by using limited amounts of decor in each space. It’s a minimal design that uses simple, natural pieces. Without trying to get as much as a designer can in the space, it really gives the room a chance to open up and for the viewer to enjoy the space.

This style also uses a lot of natural light. It sets the entire tone for the space and compliments the open, airy feel of the space.
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