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:: 3 Quick Tips To Keep Your Home Cool ::


Tuesday Tips

9195bfde77f2c46fecb2f0264fbb5f9bIt seems like summer decided to show up a little late this year and now it’s really starting to heat up! But you can beat the heat! And that doesn’t mean running your A/C 24/7. So we’ve put together this quick tip list on how to keep your home cool. Hopefully it will help you guys and keeps your home cool!e3359b9d45607fe77fe723a3ec17ec131. Keep the sun out with curtains or shades.

If you let the sun come in it’s only going to do one thing, heat up the entire house – fast. So let’s nip that in the bud and cover up those windows! Grab some curtains or some fun bamboo shades and prevent the sun from heating up your house!
79367b6383c48996f475cb0a01f0c89d2. Get yourself a good ceiling fan.

Keep that air moving in your home! The last thing you want is hot air just sitting around. Invest in a good fan because when it’s hot you’re going to be running it for long periods of time and as always, you get what you pay for. So make it count!

fa3e98ba48737856dbf22f3a247e25773. Do your laundry when it cools down.

Do we really want that hot dryer running when it’s already heating up out there? The answer is no. No we don’t. So do your loads early before the sun really starts to heat up or at night when the sun goes down. Preferably earlier in the night though so the house has time to cool down before bed.  Stay cool out there!