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:: 3 Quick Tips To Spring Your Patio Back To Life ::


Tuesday Tips

Kick back with the pup on this cozy coastal patioSpring is right around the corner and it’s been heating up here in Southern California! The last couple of days have been nice and hopefully it’s been the same for your area as well. Looks like a quick day of rain, but then we’re  back to the good weather!

Not sure about you, but we’re all ready to be outside in the sun. When the time comes, we want to maximize our patio with as much comfort and style as we can. That’s why we have 3 quick tips for your spring patio! Get your patio ready for the weather and sun with these tips!

1. Use Colors.

Don’t be afraid to use a little color outside! Sure the spring flowers show bring lots of color, but do the flowers match your interior’s color palette? Or do you want the outside to start a fresh, new palette for your patio space! There’s no need to shy away from colors! Let the hues jump out and shine like they’re meant to in spring!

2. Use Different Types of Materials.

The tip’s title pretty much says it all. Don’t limit yourself to only one type of material on your patio. There are a ton of natural materials that work great outdoors and even plenty of ‘indoor’ materials that work well outside in the weather. They just might need to be pulled in from time to time.

3. Use Plants & Flowers.

This one is a no brainer! Bring some lush, green plants onto the patio space and really feel surrounded by the outdoors. Like we mentioned above, the flowers are strangers to color so use them to brighten up your patio! Make them the standout decor in your patio space!

Beautiful, coastal patio set up with lots of fun patterns and textures Coastal patio dining space perfect for dinner in the backyard Coastal patio with furniture inspired by natural textures White bamboo furniture set out on the patio

:: Spring Into Color ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Blue coastal cottage patio creating the perfect outdoor spaceWelcome spring to your home with a little color. Use color to take your home away from the dull winter season and move it into a warmer direction. It’s time to use yellows, blues and other fun spring time colors to pump up those coastal vibes!

If you struggle with picking out what colors to design and decorate with, turn to the flowers. Think of all the beautiful flowers that come to life during spring and your color inspiration will be overwhelming. If for reason that doesn’t get your color juices flowing, think blue hues. Honestly, in a coastal home you can never go wrong with blue. Sure, it’s been done a million times, but why do you think people keep doing it?

Check out how these designers used colors to decorate these homes. Get inspired to get you and your home ready for spring, warmer days and beautiful colors!
Coastal home with light blue painted ceilings Coastal living room with pops of color Light blue door welcoming you to a coastal home Rustic beach house decorated with yellow acccents

:: Feeling Blue In Atlanta ::


10917845_878619352198671_8227616819792880058_nWe’ve been out in Atlanta shopping for the new goodies to bring into the store and we’re feeling blue! All these great hues in so many different shapes, sizes, patterns and textures! We’re lovin’ it! Stay tuned for what we bring into the store for you guys this upcoming year. You may recognize some of the stuff you see in the store in the future!
10931352_878619418865331_4947467685309090089_n1560393_878619365532003_8662870512867938691_n 10262193_878619378865335_8153811713237143853_n 10373823_878619472198659_2795173745374893739_n 10610566_878619458865327_1563276695849075475_n 10906149_878619392198667_3705027085962127253_n 10933993_878619442198662_7114709462804628285_n

:: Preview of This Spring! ::


10906415_878621078865165_1701921402927634571_nWe’re excited for this upcoming spring season! We’re bringing in all kinds of great products into our store for you guys and we can’t wait to share. What can you expect? Well, without giving too much away, we’re focusing on white hues! We’re talking all white everything! And what do you do when you go monochromatic?? You seek out textures! So keep an eye out for white decor and fun textures this spring season because we’ll be bringing it to you in full effect!

1521374_878621118865161_1876465396230566886_n 10888454_878621088865164_2229388646703277006_n 10915166_878621108865162_8497988777429584449_n

:: Go Bright This Spring! ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

citrus-splash-living-room-lLast week we talked about decorating for spring with pastel colors. If you missed that post you can read it here! Today we’re talking about going bright with our spring decorations! Welcoming spring with bright and bold colors takes a huge step away from the dull winter season. Use bright yellows and blues to ramp up those coastal vibes, but don’t forget to use other colors to mix things up! Check out how some of these designers used bright colors to decorate. Use these photos as inspiration to get you and your home ready for warmer seasons!
fun-loving-style-dining-room-l hot-cold-living-room-l old-soul-family-room-cl-l sunnyside-up-bedroom-l tropical-style-guest-bedroom-l0710-sag-harbor-sunroom-l*images via coastal living