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:: 3 Reasons You Should Have Striped Rugs In Your Coastal Home ::


Tuesday Tips

Bright coastal living room with a striped rug anchoring the spaceA striped rug in coastal home decor is like the sand to the beach. It’s a coastal home decor piece that will always be found in coastal homes, just like sand will always be found at the beach. No one will ever argue the fact that stripes are a part of coastal home decor. It’s a great design piece that’s versatility and flare has cemented it’s place in the coastal design style. Here are 3 reasons why we believe that:

1. Size Options

When it comes to rugs, size matters. Literally. You need to know the measurements of the space you plan on laying your rug down. An area rug is not going to fit in your hallway. An extreme example, but you get it. You need to know the length and size of the space for potential rug options. Is this a given for all rugs and not just striped rugs for coastal homes? Yes, we won’t argue that, but it’s a reason we had to touch on.

2. Pattern Play

The striped pattern is a classic pattern. Home decor is not the only place you will find stripes. It’s because the pattern invokes a sense of fun while having an affect on the eyes. Long lines can trick the eye into making it seem like a space is longer or wider. Use thin stripes to lead the eye throughout the space or lay down a striped rug with thicker, larger stripes to bring a full feel to the space. This is where the stripe pattern shines. It offers much more than just a quirky, playful pattern.

3. Color Choices

A blue and white striped rug is a coastal home essential. The strong blues paired with the creamy whites leaves an impression in homes. Blue and white hues are not the only colors that have an affect on a space. The striped rug helps colors make a lasting, striking statement in a coastal home. On the other end, striped rugs with subtle colors can achieve the exact opposite affect. They can compliment and blend into a space to add the finishing touches.

If you want visual proof we got that too. Check out some of these coastal homes that use striped rugs to their full potential in the space. If you’re in the market for a striped rug or two for your home, you can find a few in the Tuvalu Home Store.Striped rug in a coastal living roomStriped rug layered on top of the hute style rug in a the living roomStripes in a bright style coastal kids bedroom

:: Spotted! Trimaran Red Stripe Rug! ::


Feature Friday


We spotted Dash & Albert’s Trimaran Red Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Rug in this month’s House Beautiful! This is the perfect rug for some many reasons; it brings a fun, coastal look to any space, it’s easy to clean and can take anything thrown at it like today’s rainy weather. Come down to the shop and snag yours today or start shopping online right now by going to our online shop here. Not looking for a red stripe rug? Well we’ve got plenty others to choose from online and in store. Browse our selection online here. Happy Friday!

:: Spotted! Dash & Albert Stripe Rug ::


Feature Friday

We spotted Dash & Albert’s Trimaran Stripe Rug in this month’s Better Homes And Gardens: Do it YourselfI! This great indoor/outdoor rug is ready to take on the seasons. This is a wonderful rug for all those high traffic areas and the best part is that it’s easy to clean. You can vacuum it, scrub it and wash it. It was made to take on the up coming holiday season and the wet season. Interested in the Dash & Albert Trimaran Stripe Rug? Well then jump on over to the online store a pick one up here or click on the picture! Happy Friday!