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:: 3 Tips For The Perfect Holiday Table ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal holiday dining table decorPreparing for the holidays is half the battle. So this week we have a post that will help get you prepared for any hosting of friends and family you might be doing during holidays. Let us help you take some of the stress off your plate because we’re focusing on table decor. Let’s get your table ready for the holidays! We’ve got 3 tips to help you and your table make it through these holidays. Ready? Let’s go!

1.  Stack & Layer

Let’s give your table depth. We can accomplish this with table clothes, runners, place mats, and stacked dishes. Layering your table linen will instantly give your table depth and if you want to play with colors it can even add contrast or fun pops of color. Don’t limit yourself by placing each and every dish, utensil or napkin on its own. Stack them up under napkins or other dishes to add dimension to the table.

2. Simplify The Centerpiece 

We love gorgeous and stunning centerpieces, but they can be large and take up valuable table space. This year remove the stress and save your time for what’s important. Go with a simple yet elegant centerpiece design. Depending on your table size, you may be able to leave your stunningly simple centerpiece out for the actual dinner. Another option is to create a centerpiece design with quick and easy to remove pieces. No extra time spent removing every piece one at a time. This will make clearing space easy and no one will be left out of the conversation during dinner.

3. Prepare For The Mess.

Holidays are messy – plain and simple. So lets be prepared for them. Mentally preparing for that stain that’s going to happen on your new or favorite table runner is probably going to help you cope with it a lot better when it happens. With that in mind, maybe we don’t want to use our newest or best during actual meals. Lets show them and then remove them. Unless you’re using white runners. Then we can bleach them after and be done.

Coastal dining table with a beautiful layout featuring shells Simple dining table decor featuring some fun pumpkins

:: Pedestal Dining Tables ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Cute an beachy dining spacePedestal tables offer a lot more than meets the eye. They offer more space, both in actual table top space and seating options, and give everyone a seat at the table. That means everyone gets enough room and there isn’t an awkward person trying to lean in to be a part of the conversation.

A pedestal table is nice change of pace from traditional dining table options. They help out in those tight spots by creating extra space and give you a little wiggle room in the corners.

These tables typically come in two sizes: large and small. A large pedestal table is great way to entertain more than two to three people. They offer the space you need and give everyone the opportunity to comfortably interact with one another at the table. For those of you with small nook or kitchen space, you’d be more interested in a small pedestal table. They seat two to three comfortably and create a person and intimate experience while filling the small amount of space provided.

Take a look at these great pedestal tables below! See how they are used and how the designers placed them in the space!
Pdestal stable with bamboo chairs around it Pedestal table in a chic, modern style dining space White coastal dining space with a round dining table

:: Fall Table Decorations ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal cottage fall table decorGet your dining table ready and decorated for the fall! Enlist the help of a couple fall style staples when decorating your table this year. Grab a few pumpkins or gourds and bring the festive feels onto the table. Round the fall feels up with cozy, cottage inspired centerpieces that use antique candle holders topped with candlestick candles that provide ambience for the table. Not looking to heat things up that much? Decorate the dining table with rustic, weathered wood accessories to really sell the cozy cottage look. Take a look at what these designers have done to style their tables with beautiful fall decor. Get inspired and get decorating this fall!
Fall inspired table decor Fall table centerpieces for the dinning room

:: Spotted! Palecek Lava Occasional Table ::


Feature Friday

spotted palecek lava occasional table tuvalu homeTuvalu Home is featured in Digs Magazine! The palecek lava occasional table is featured in their “Material Matter” section. This stone-cast to resemble lava rock with a brushed stainless steel top and polished stainless steel legs. Get a closer look at the palecek lava occasional table online!

:: Design Around A Unique Coffee Table ::


Tuesday Tips

Modern coastal living room with unique furnitureA good coffee table can set the tone and feel for any living room. It gives the space a spark while letting people know you’re not afraid to get creative and flex your design muscles. A living room is typically formed with a sofa, a chair of sorts, a side table or two, a rug and a coffee table. And usually they’re all arranged so that the coffee table is in the center. We say usually because we have seen a few interesting living room arrangements, but everyone has their style and that’s what keeps design fun. If you want more ideas on the living room then head over and take a look at these living room furniture tips.

Since the coffee table is in the center why not start there? Think of it as a center piece. Center pieces aren’t meant to be boring or plain. So why should your coffee table? Use it to start with a bang and ride that momentum throughout the space’s design and decor. Check out some of this unique coffee tables thats really stand out and drive home the coastal style. These designers didn’t limit themselves to basic coffee tables and it really shows in these spaces.

If you’re looking to add a unique coffee table to spice up your living room, you can start looking now on the Tuvalu Home online store!
An old trunk converted to a coffee table in a coastal cottage living room Coastal living room with a unique coffee table Coastal cottage living room Coastal living room with nautical inspired decor and a unique coffee tableCoastal cottage living room with a wicker style coffee table

:: Tuva-Luvs – Emily ::


Thursday Tuva-Luvs

Tuvalu Home Tuva-Luvstuva-luv emilyThis week’s Tuva-Luv comes from Emily! One of her Tuva-Luvs is the Uttermost Shyam Table Clock! This clock features a metal frame with a brass finish and aged black stand. It’s a great piece to add some unique style and texture to a space. Check out the Uttermost Shyam Table Clock here!

If you’re interested in more Tuva-luvs you can head over to the page and see what the team luvs here!

:: Trestle Tables in the Dining Room ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal dining space with bright colored chairs, a trestle table and cute pup!Trestle tables are a great choice when it comes to choosing your dining room table. With a traditional look, these classic tables fit perfectly into coastal style homes and make great tables for the entire family to gather around.

Typically, trestle tables are longer and can accommodate more people which means the more family and friends the better! This is a great table for the entertainer and for those who have large families. There will be plenty of space for everyone!

Take a look at these trestle tables we have found and notice how the designers have made trestle tables so inviting you’ll want to jump right in and enjoy the space.
Minimal cottage style dining space Outdoor dining space with a bright turquoise trestle table Rustic, coastal cottage dining space with hints of modern coastal decor Simple coastal dining room with a tresle table

:: Coastal Fall Tablescapes ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Rustic cottage fall tablescape with a distressed teal picnic table and cute striped pillows for cushionsFall tablescapes are a great way to be festive this season! It allows you to introduce fall decor into your home in a simple way. Use a little fall foliage is an easy way to set a center piece that is simple and well styled. How about adding a few gourds? And of course, when in doubt, pumpkin out! The best part is, a few pieces go a long way with fall design and decor. You can create stunning tablescapes that look amazing and still allow functional table use. We could sit here and try to explain it to you, but we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to quickly understand what we’re talking about by seeing it. We’ve grabbed a few pictures to show you guys what we think beautiful fall table decor looks like. Take a look so you can see what we’re talking about and we hope it inspires to get festive for the fall season!
Coastal fall tablescape decorFall table decoration on a rustic coffee table Fall tablescape decor done in a neautral palette Fun, bright coastal fall tablescape

:: 3 Styles, One Piece of Furniture Ft. The Side Table! ::


Tuesday Tips

Tropical coastal living room details. Great looking side table made with bamboo!In today’s interior design world, style names are thrown around everywhere and slapped on everything. There are the main style categories, like our favorite coastal, and there are usually multiple sub-style categories in each style. It can get quite confusing at times and makes it easy to get lost in decor styles. Well want to help you with that! We’re going to take a look at a few sub-styles in coastal design with our main emphasis being on coastal styles because, well, we love coastal decor! This way we’ll give you the style name, show you a piece of furniture that fits that style and give you a little info as to why it’s labeled the way it’s labeled. Please keep in mind, this is not an absolute guide! There will be pieces in each style that look very different, but are classified in the same style and some pieces that you don’t know what to do with! Our descriptions are based on the piece we have featured in the post. So keep that in mind! Now scroll down and get to know a few sub-styles in coastal decor!
Rustic, cottage coastal side table painted turquoiseRustic Coastal

This side table is about as rustic coastal as it gets. How can you tell? It looks weathered, the color is a typical coastal palette color and it’s made of wood. Rustic coastal is an easy style to spot. It tends to looks 0ldish and it looks like it was found on or near the beach. This style can easily be confused with cottage coastal, american coastal scandinavian coastal (based on color), or even the main style rustic. What separates the styles? A lot, but for this piece it’s the look of the weathered wood matched with the bright, coastal color that’s faded like it’s been sitting out in the sun.

Like the look of this side table and think it belongs in your home? Pick it up now! Get the Paris Side Table here!

Modern coastal side table with a weathered wood top and metal legsModern Coastal

This style is synonymous with clean lines and sleek decor. What makes this side table modern coastal? The lighter, wood top and the clean, metal legs. It would blend effortlessly into a modern living room or bedroom. Does this mean all side tables and furniture that have wood tops with metal legs are modern coastal? No! Of course not! This table’s light wood colored, weathered top gives the piece a look that would be welcomed into a coastal home. This style can be confused with eclectic coastal and industrial coastal.

Looking for a modern side/end table? Shop the Langer End Table here!

Tropical coastal side table with bamboo legs and accentsTropical Coastal 

This style is an easy one to pick out. You ask yourself one simple question: If i were on a tropical island, would I see this piece of furniture there? If it’s an easy yes, then it’s tropical coastal decor. It’s really that easy. The style uses a lot of bamboo and other natural tropical woods in the furniture which makes spotting these pieces quite easy. This style can also be known as island style or beach style because of the natural feel it gives.

Bring a piece of the island life into your home and shop the noir bamboo end table here!