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:: Pedestal Dining Tables ::


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Cute an beachy dining spacePedestal tables offer a lot more than meets the eye. They offer more space, both in actual table top space and seating options, and give everyone a seat at the table. That means everyone gets enough room and there isn’t an awkward person trying to lean in to be a part of the conversation.

A pedestal table is nice change of pace from traditional dining table options. They help out in those tight spots by creating extra space and give you a little wiggle room in the corners.

These tables typically come in two sizes: large and small. A large pedestal table is great way to entertain more than two to three people. They offer the space you need and give everyone the opportunity to comfortably interact with one another at the table. For those of you with small nook or kitchen space, you’d be more interested in a small pedestal table. They seat two to three comfortably and create a person and intimate experience while filling the small amount of space provided.

Take a look at these great pedestal tables below! See how they are used and how the designers placed them in the space!
Pdestal stable with bamboo chairs around it Pedestal table in a chic, modern style dining space White coastal dining space with a round dining table

:: Decorate With Garden Stools ::


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Coastal outdoor space with garden stools as coffee tablesGarden stools are no longer limited to the outdoors. Can they still be used outdoors? Of course! But why limit yourself to just outside? They can be used inside or outside and they work great!

A garden stool can be used as a side table or even group them together creating a larger table look. It’s a fun and unique way to change up the design in your home! They come in multiple colors and styles giving everyone the ability to match any decor in any home.

Check out how these designers have used garden stools in indoor and outdoor spaces. Get inspired and try one out in your home or garden this spring!

Coastal work space with a fun mix of materials and a garden stool as a side table Garden stools under the console table in a coastal living room

:: Metal Base, Wood Top Tables ::


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IMG_2158If you’re looking for a simple, modern table then there’s no need to look any further. These metal base, wood topped tables are perfect for any coastal style. They effortlessly fit into a modern coastal home, but they can easily blend in a cottage style as well. The clean, minimal metal lines that make up the base of the the table provide the frame for the rustic, weathered wood top. The wood top gives great texture that adds depth to any space. Check out some of these spaces that use these tables and see how these designers used them in the room.

Want to add one of these metal base, wood topped tables to your home? Check out a few options on our online store here!

:: The Perfect Holiday Table ::


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2bb7f4db3c787616b0aa7fb03e768a1eOne of the best family holidays is coming up. No, not Christmas! That one is the best holiday, nothing will beat Christmas! But we’re talking about Thanksgiving! We’re talking about all of the family getting together, tasty food and lots and lots of pumpkin pie! There is one thing that can pose quite the problem during this Thanksgiving season – your table space. You want to make sure that everyone has a place to sit and more importantly, a place to put all of the food.

Well, your table space problems are solved! A farm table will host plenty of guests and an overabundance of food! Farm tables were created to promote large gatherings of friends and families. They give you the needed space for everything Thanksgiving. Plenty of room for that turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes and everything else delicious!

So for this upcoming holiday season look into a getting a farm table for your family. For those of you that already have been enjoying your farm table, let your friends know what they’re missing out on! If you’re interested in switching it up this holiday season check out some of the farm tables we have online here! Check out some of the farm tables in this post and imagine how helpful one would be during the holidays!
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:: We’re Out In Atlanta! ::


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atlanta-home-decor-show-tuvalu-home2We’ve been shopping in Atlanta for the last couple of days trying to bring in some new stuff for you guys! Check out some of our finds! Make sure to follow us on Instagram @tuvaluhome to get these photos and many more! We’re having a blast out here and we’ll be back to good old Laguna Beach in a few days! But until then, make sure to check out our Instagram to stay up on the finds!