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:: Urchin Appeal ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

We’ve spotted these little guys in a few different places and we’ve noticed that the little sea urchin has snuck it’s way back into coastal design lately. The sea urchin is a classic tide pool find that has been in coastal and beach decor forever. Usually showing up in it’s natural form as a shell, but it’s been known to appear on pillows and in art and various other places. The great part of sea urchin shells is that they come in a variety of colors! Perfect to match your color scheme or to add a little pop of color.

1. Linen Shell Pillow 2. Porcelain Sea Urchin Lamp 3. Sea Urchin Box 4. Coral & Sea Urchin Art 

:: A Day at The Beach ::


Feature Friday

We don’t know about you but we’re ready for summer! Unfortunately the sun is not cooperating. But that doesn’t mean a day at the beach isn’t possible. A great early season treat we always enjoy is a trip down to the Montage tide pools at Treasure Island Beach. Park near the Montage Resort and walk down their paved path. You may want to check the tide charts because it’s a tougher trek to the tidepools at high tide. But once you’re there, it’s worth the work! Check out the caves and crystal clear pools – but be careful trying to take home a shell souvenir as it’s a protected beach. It’s also fun to come around sunset – the meters are free after 7pm and the Montage shines spotlights on the water for a completely different experience. A great place to take visitors from out-of-town or a special date. Hope you get to enjoy them this weekend!

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