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Imagine living on an island. Now take that island and put it in your home. That’s basically what you do with Tropical Coastal Design and it’s wonderful. The style is all about making you feel like your living the island life – always. There are plenty of natural elements incorporated into the style that play a major role in the decor. From real plants to floral patterns, the Tropical Coastal Design style transforms you into an island paradise.

The floral pattern is a pattern you can count on being present in Tropical Coastal Design. The pattern helps bring the lush, island vegetation indoors. It’s a great way to bring life into a space without actually bringing living things into it. On the other hand, bringing real plants and flowers into the home is another great way to decorate the tropical way. The green vegetation actually brings nature into the home and really completes the tropical tone.

Another way to bring the natural elements into a tropical space is with bamboo and wicker furniture. Bamboo screams tropical. It embodies tropical decor in ever fiber and is a must have for tropical spaces. The best part about bamboo is it’s versatility. It can be used in any space and looks great indoors and outdoors. Want to go tropical and need more than just bamboo? Then look into wicker furniture. The woven look provides a nice mix in form and texture for the space. It also comes in a variety of styles and colors giving you even more tropical decor options.

Using natural elements doesn’t stop with the furniture, it carries on down to the floor. Jute and sisal rugs are often seen in the Tropical Coastal Design style as well. These great rugs offer a nice texture to space and keep the style flowing. It’s not uncommon for a tropical home to have hardwood or tile floors. We can’t leave those floors bare can we? Of course not! The jute and sisal rugs are meant to be on the floor.

Last, but most definitely not least, you will see the color green a lot in tropical decor. It is the primary hue. The hue will usually be complemented by lots of neutral colors. This tends to happen because much of the decor originates from natural materials. A typical base color for the style is white. Again, a neutral color. This allows the greens to really pop and lets the natural decor in the space really shine.

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