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:: 3 Ways To Create A Rustic, Coastal Cottage ::


Tuesday Tips

dd82c5ec8c17799864635198fcd38007 We love rustic, coastal cottages! Nothing feels more comfortable and right than a well designed cottage. So we thought we would give you our list of 3 ways to create a rustic, coastal cottage in your home and make it so you never want to leave, except to go to the beach! So keep on reading and see what 3 ways you can turn your home into a rustic, coastal cottage!


1. Aged Wood Floors.

Wood flooring in any cottage is a want. Aged, weathered wood floors in a rustic, coastal cottage is need. This must have sets the tone and mood throughout the entire home. The floors add character to the cottage that give it the rustic, coastal look and we haven’t even gotten to designing . Needless to say, we love woods floors in a cottage.

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2. Vintage & Rustic Furniture/Accessories/Decor.

How else would you design your cottage? These choices are basic must haves in the home and in each space. There are plenty of choices from lighting to furniture that you can bring into your rustic, coastal cottage that will give you the desired look. Let’s not even get started on color because we can go on and on about the possibilities. Let’s not forget to mention these amazing kitchens above. Love those teal painted cabinets!

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3. An Old Tub In An Old Bathroom.

We love the look a porcelain tub gives the bathroom so of course it’s on the list and we’re putting one in our cottage! Plus when you’re soaking in your tub with your eyes closed – loving life – you’re going to have to open them eventually. So why not open them to a great bathroom space? Don’t forget to bring the decor into the bathroom! It will bring the entire home together and will show that you left no space untouched.

:: 3 More Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Vintage ::


Tuesday Tips

81487074479232219_4DLE4XiQ_c Last week we showed you 3 ways to make your kitchen look vintage. If you missed that post you can read it real quick here. Last week’s post focused more on some of the larger things you could change in your kitchen, like the island or your oven. This week’s ‘3 ways’ take a look at some of the smaller things you can change. Maybe a new fridge just isn’t in the budget right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still make your vintage kitchen happen. Let’s look at 3 more ways to make your kitchen look vintage.
172614598187311369_kJzhK3gC_c 1. Get Vintage Light Fixtures – Every kitchen needs light and one very easy way to bring vintage style to your kitchen is with your lighting fixtures. The first three pictures in this post show you some examples of ways to use light fixtures to your advantage both functionally and design wise.
198299189814469172_gbUqBhcj_c 2. Get Small Vintage Appliances – Small appliances will add little vintage details to your kitchen, plus they’re super cute. Details are everything, so don’t forget about them! There are plenty of new, vintage inspired small appliances out on the market, so there you shouldn’t have a problem finding some that fit perfect in your kitchen.
198299189814491454_CPtXt3eV_c 3. Get Open Shelves – Open shelves will allow you to create an open feeling in your kitchen and give you the ability to display your goods. You can use your open shelves to show off your vintage jars and bottles that contain your cooking ingredients and spices giving your kitchen more vintage details. Like we said before, those details are everything and will help bring an even better vintage look to the space.