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Tuesday’s Tips From The Pros

It’s time for a little design talk. Today’s topic: Vintage Signs. We want to show you design ideas that we love and don’t love as much. Vintage signs are a great way to give that blank canvas called a wall life. A vintage sign can help your walls speak, literally. You can grab old vintage beach signs, put up vintage market style signs, or even make your own that can say whatever you’d like. It’s all up to you! We’re just going to give you a little guide to signs and how to maximize their use in your space. We aren’t going to get technical and tell you that the sign or artwork should hang no more than 7 – 10 inches above a side table , even though that’s right, but more so show you what looks good and sadly, what doesn’t.

This is a very simple and cute use of a vintage style sign. Could there be more done with the space? Of course, but we like the sign and the use of the sign. The spaces shows you what’s out there and a basic way of getting started.

This sign makes great use of the wall. With the built in storage in the corner of the room it doesn’t leave you with too many options for the wall next to it. The sign, being a great choice, complements the space perfectly! It’s large and draws enough attention, but isn’t annoying or too stand out-ish. If you need to cover some blank wall space and can’t fit a side table, sofa or some other type of furniture there, let a sign own the space.

One of our favorite vignettes out there. It has a gorgeous, rustic feel that makes you want more. This is a great example of a vintage market sign that fits nicely into the kitchen. The colors and even the surrounding pieces just make this space stunning.

Hands down the favorite. This room has some many great pieces and just makes you feel right at home. We love this space because the room feels 100% natural. Nothing feels or looks forced. The sign thrown in there just adds character and compliments the room flawlessly. The whole sign isn’t even visible, but some how it works out even better that way. This is Tuvalu love.

This is vintage signing gone wrong. It’s overkill and kind of scary to be honest. Even though there’s only a few pieces in this space, the overdone sign make it’s feel cluttered, messy and dirty. Be careful when trying to find a sign that covers your wall. Make sure it doesn’t look anything like the picture above. Also make sure that it relates to it’s surroundings. Side note: is that chainmail hanging from the wall? What is that?

Want to grab your guests attention? Well this is one way to do it! We like the idea of trying to use that semi-awkward space, but this is a little much. We think if they went smaller and maybe even went with multiple pieces this space could have turned out great. Instead they went large and in your face. Time to EAT!

Lastly, there is just too much going on. It feels like they tried to squeeze as much in as they could. We like red, white and blue, but when it’s done right. The signs almost look like they were an after thought and thrown in because they were ‘needed’ to complete the coastal, beach house look. Let’s avoid this all together.


:: Did You Hear Who Stopped By?! ::


Now we don’t mean to gossip, but we can’t hold it in any longer! Did you hear? None other than Martha Stewart herself visited our store last week! Yup. Right here in little ol’ Laguna Beach.

We gracefully resided in star-struck awe for mere moments. Ok, we held our breath till she left, all while helping her buy a few great items with the largest silly grin of pure happiness on our faces!

Martha and a female friend circled the store for quite a while, studying everything high and low. They both were nicely dressed and effortlessly coiffed, as Martha always seems to be. Surprisingly she even wore stilettos on their shopping trip – a modest height but a fun and fancy touch for business attire. Have we told you lately, Martha? You look gooood!!  

They took photos here and there of the store and even posted about our Arte Italica and Sea Fan art on her blog. That’s right Tuvalu Home is featured on Martha’s blog! Well ok, we make a cameo appearance in photos 2 and 5. And she may only mention another store from down the street. But hey, we aren’t complaining – we got to meet Martha! And maybe someone over there reads our blog and will catch the omission? Maybe!?

Make sure see the pics of our store and to read more about her stay at the Montage on Martha’s blog. 

But before you go, peek inside Martha’s shopping bag and see what she bought at Tuvalu in the pictures below!  Martha-Stewart-Laguna-Beach

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