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:: 3 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Vintage ::


Tuesday Tips

vintage-kitchen-stove-white-blue-tuvalu-home Today we have have 3 tips to make your kitchen look vintage. If you’ve ever wanted to travel back in time and make your kitchen a cute, vintage inspired space then this post is for you. If you already love your kitchen and just adore vintage decor, then this post is for you too! These 3 tips with push start you into the vintage direction and give your kitchen an instant vintage look. Let’s take a look at these 3 tips below!
vintage-kitchen-vintage-island-home-decor-tuvalu1. Get A Vintage Island – A vintage kitchen island will anchor the space and set the tone for the kitchen. It could be the first thing that people see and associate the style of your kitchen with, so why not make it a vintage statement? Plus it’s an easy install that doesn’t involve tearing anything out or tackling a renovation.
vintage stools-vintage-kitchen-home-decor-tuvalu 2. Get Vintage Stools – What could make your new vintage island better? Vintage stools. These can give any kitchen more of a vintage feel whether you have the island to go with them or not. Vintage stools, or even vintage inspired stools, can be found in many shapes and sizes that will fit perfect with any existing island or future vintage island you bring into your kitchen.
vintage-kitchen-vintage-fridge-home-decor-tuvalu vintage-stove-vintage-kitchen-inpiration-style-home-decor-tuvalu 3. Get Vintage Appliances – Vintage appliances will top off any aspiring vintage kitchen. With all kinds of vintage style stove tops, ovens and refrigerators out there you can find the perfect ones for you and your kitchen. With companies making them brand new, there’s no need to worry about them not working or causing problems either.