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What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal living room with natural light and natural inspired decorWe think it’s time you open up the doors and windows to create a laid back, open feeling in your home. Spring starts to bring us weather that we want to joy outside, so why not create a space that brings in the fresh air and opens up the home to the world to do that?

Creating this feeling isn’t just for the blessed that have beach front property and the luxury of an open floor plans paired with high ceilings. We aren’t going to lie to you guys, that definitely helps – like it really helps. But what about those who aren’t that fortunate? How do you create this in your home? There a couple ways to achieve this feeling in a not so open floor plan home. It’s actually a lot more achievable than you’d think!

First, let as much light in as possible by opening the windows. This will help get fresh air in the space and create a brighter space. It seems so easy and cliche, but really it helps.

Second, keep your decor simple – think essentials only. This cuts the clutter and makes more space which creates room and empty space to help open up the home. Less equals more! Simple!

Third, decorate with lighter colors. This is a must. Darker colors will make a space feel smaller. This isn’t always the case, but for this style it is (if you must use dark colors think of colors in weights and go heavy to light). Neutral colors and lighter colors are your friends and will help make the space feel open and fresh.

As always, we won’t leave you guys empty handed without any visuals. These beautiful spaces are what we’re talking about. Check out the work of these designers and use them as inspiration to create the home you want!
Open coastal living room Coastal cottage living room with a light airy feelLarge, open kitchen with plenty of ceiling space