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:: Why Not Wicker? ::


Tuesday Tips

Wicker coffee table in an eclectic coastal spaceWicker furniture is no longer banished to the patio and the backyard. This light-weight, woven furniture has made it’s way inside and into living rooms as well as bedrooms. Choosing to use wicker based furniture inside brings many new fun and exciting design elements to a space. It adds color and texture with it’s natural woven material design (or at least the look of it if it’s made with a synthetic material). You’re also only limited to the amount of wicker you can fit into a space. The versatile material has been used to create everything you could ever want or need for a living space. We’ve gathered a few pictures of designers using wicker furniture that we love. We grabbed a few indoor examples, but dropped a few outdoor set ups to show the potential you could bring inside. Check it out, be inspired and create beautiful spaces!
Coastal patio with a beautiful living set up framed with wicker chairs Coastal space with white wicker chairs and love seats Wicker side chairs in a coastal living roomCoastal cottage living room with a wicker sofa