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:: Why Not Wicker? ::


Tuesday Tips

Wicker coffee table in an eclectic coastal spaceWicker furniture is no longer banished to the patio and the backyard. This light-weight, woven furniture has made it’s way inside and into living rooms as well as bedrooms. Choosing to use wicker based furniture inside brings many new fun and exciting design elements to a space. It adds color and texture with it’s natural woven material design (or at least the look of it if it’s made with a synthetic material). You’re also only limited to the amount of wicker you can fit into a space. The versatile material has been used to create everything you could ever want or need for a living space. We’ve gathered a few pictures of designers using wicker furniture that we love. We grabbed a few indoor examples, but dropped a few outdoor set ups to show the potential you could bring inside. Check it out, be inspired and create beautiful spaces!
Coastal patio with a beautiful living set up framed with wicker chairs Coastal space with white wicker chairs and love seats Wicker side chairs in a coastal living roomCoastal cottage living room with a wicker sofa

:: Coastal Decor In Your Family Room ::


Tuesday’s Tip From The Pros

We stumbled upon this beautiful family room while getting lost in the time sucking void known as Pintrest. Boy do we love us some Pintrest! I’m sure we’re not the only ones. We thought this would be the perfect picture to recreate Tuvalu style and show you what you can do in your home with our help. We’ll show a few things that we can offer you guys and hopefully inspire you to take on a summer project. Let’s get started!

We’re starting with our White Lily Sofa and decorating the room from here. We don’t want a big or hard to maneuver around sofa in our space. The last thing we want is to have to climb over things to move around our room. The Lily Sofa will give you that desired look and plenty of extra space to work with in your room.

We’re gonna need something on that sofa! We’ve got plenty of pillows to choose from, but we’re gonna go with our Embroidered Coastal Themed Pillows. It will bring some more of those coastal vibes into the space and leave us dreaming of the beach.

You’re gonna need somewhere to put your morning coffee or your afternoon iced tea, so we’ve picked our Havana Bench Table to meet your needs! We like wicker decor for multiple reasons, but the main reason is that it brings a coastal, rustic feel that over time only gets better. Have you ever seen outdoor wicker furniture that over time gets sun bleached? That’s what we’re talking about when we say coastal, rustic feel.


We absolutely adore those lanterns and think they are the perfect addition to the room. We like lanterns hanging, just standing on their own, big, small, tall, short, old and new. We don’t mind, we just like them way. It’s a good way to add more to a room and to utilize space that can’t be filled without making the room feel cluttered or crammed.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, we love all things from the beach. So when we saw that they added driftwood design elements we fell more in love with this room. Driftwood is the perfect accent piece for a coastal style room.

How could we ever forget about the starfish? We just can’t! Shop all things coastal and more at Tuvalu Home!