:: Coastal Home Decor Pins #49 ::


Monday Pins

Beautiful decorated coastal living with welcoming blue huesIt’s Monday and that means it’s time for your Monday Pins! This week we have five fresh pins that deserve a spot on your coastal home decor boards. Take one more Monday to escape reality in these pins before the hectic weekend! Enjoy it while you can! We hope you have a good week and have a very happy Monday!

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Coastal bedroom with a ocean colored walls and beach decor Coastal dining area with a rope wrapped table and a beautiful ocean view Coastal vignette with bech inspired wall art and decor Nautical inspired bunk beds perfect for the kids


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:: 3 Quick Tips For The Holiday Kitchen ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal kitchen with plenty of space and natural lightIt’s the season of the kitchen and we’re spending a good chunk of time in our beloved space. When we’re whirling around conducting a spiced filled symphony in our kitchens, we want to make sure all is in harmony and on cue. There’s no need to make your life more difficult, that’s why we’ve come up with these 3 quick tips to get your kitchen ready for the holidays. Get those aprons ready, heat up those ovens and get ready for the holiday season!

1. Cut The Clutter

If it doesn’t need to be in the kitchen get rid of it. Seriously, the last thing we need is to be tripping over things or frantically searching for counter space. The holidays are stressful enough, the last thing we need to add to it is mess and clutter.

2. Check The Kitchen Tools

Is everything good to go? Are those whisks still, well, whisky? Make sure the wine is ready while you’re at it. Do those pots and pans have another season in them? Are those mixers still mixing? Check and make sure everything you need is actually going to work. We don’t want a meltdown while that souffle is melting down.

3. Carry A Stockpile

We’re not saying you need all Costco this holiday season, but you definitely want to make sure you have plenty of goods. Running out mid-meal to grab ingredients is completely avoidable these holidays. Also the holidays are always faster and demand more time for everything. That being said, make sure you have some quick, healthy and easy meals ready to go.

Got all that ladies and gentlemen? There’s no reason these holidays shouldn’t go smooth and be successful. Tuvalu wants to help you guys out, but much more importantly, we want you guys to enjoy yourselves over the holidays. Happy cooking!Cozy coastal kitchenCountry style kitchen with a cozy feel Rustic inspired details in a kitchen

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins #48 ::


Monday Pins

Bright coastal dining space with an eclectic feelMonday means it’s time for those Monday Pins! Get those pin buttons ready, ladies and gentlemen, because it’s time for your coastal home decor pins. We have five fresh coastal home pins that need to be on your boards! We hope you get a great start to your week and enjoy the rest of it. Happy Monday!

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Coastal bedroom with lots of natural light decorated with neutral tonesCozy coastal bedroom with matching twin bedsRustic cottage bedroom with a cozy cottage feelSimple coastal dining space

:: Simple Winter Home Decor ::


Tuesday Tips

Bright rustic dining space decorated with holiday decorIt’s time to start breaking out the winter and holiday decor if you haven’t already. Halloween has officially ended so you’re in the clear. Since Thanksgiving is still coming, we won’t go full Christmas mode yet. We’ll just ease into it and start setting the mood for winter and holiday decor.

Whether it’s bright winter berries scattered about on the table or even a couple strands of garland can be the perfect holiday touch in your home. There’s no need to go above and beyond when it comes to decorating your home during the holidays. We aren’t saying that you should just put a few pine leaves out and call it a day, but there’s no need for all the mini Christmas village scenes or several nativity scenes throughout the home either – put that on hold for now. We are just warming up for the holiday season.

Hopefully some of these images bring you some inspiration and new ideas on how to keep it simple before you go full holiday mode on your home. Holiday wreath in the kitchen Minimal holiday touches throughout the home Simple holiday exterior decor

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins #47 ::


Monday Pins

Beautiful coastal entryway with a cute beach house detailsIt’s Monday and that means it’s time for your Monday Pins! Get those pin buttons ready because we have five fresh pins perfect for those coastal home decor boards. This week we have a nice range of coastal homes with minimal decor with a fun mix of cozy beach cottage pins. We hope you have a good week and a very happy Monday!

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Coastal cottage bedroom with an extra cozy feel Coastal details in a backyard space Nautical style beach cottage with a bright red accent chair Simple coastal outdoor space

:: Fall Pumpkin Decor Throughout The Home ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Fall table decor with wheat grass and white pumpkinsFall is the perfect time to decorate the home with pumpkins! We especially love the look that white pumpkins offer and how they can add a little festive fall cheer. The white hue of the pumpkins is easy to match or accent any color palette in any home. If they weren’t seasonal we’re sure some people would use them to decorate year-round because they look so cute!

Browsing around the internet and Pinterest we have seen a bunch of fun and festive fall decor ideas using pumpkins. Besides using white pumpkins, we love the look of using multiple hues (as seen in the fireplace below). It creates an interesting and eye catching display and is completely fall.

Take a look these photos and see how these people have used pumpkins to decorate with fall in their homes!
Festive fall decor in the kitchen with plenty of pumpkins Pumpkins stuffed in the fireplace to bring a festive look Simple fall center piece of a dining table White fall center piece decorated with white pumpkins and antlers

:: Anchor A Coastal Living Room With Furniture ::


Tuesday Tips

A coastal living room with fun, electic decorThe living room is an essential room in every home. It gets used daily and is often one of the most seen rooms in the house. That means design in the living room is crucial. One way to ensure design success in the living room is to properly anchor the room. Anchoring is just a fancy term that refers to pulling the room together and there are many ways to anchor a room. One of the most known ways to anchor a room is to use a rug, or rugs, but one of the beautiful things about design is how there are more than one way to do things.

One of the best way to anchor a room using furniture is to use a neutral colored sofa and matching chairs. There are two reason why they should be neutral colored and these pieces specifically. First, these pieces in neutral colors are important because they are going to be large pieces that every living room needs. They will take up space and will stand out if they are a bright, loud color. Second, the neutral colors allow you to build, layer and design on top of them. Set bright red pillows on the sofa to match the red striped rug you lay or the red side table you set in between your neutral colored chairs.

By using these pieces and neutral colors it allows the eyes to see them, but not fixate on them and move onto the more important design elements of the living room. Also, if you have the space, you can use two neutral colored sofas to anchor the space and now your chair options are as open as the color palette you choose.

We’ve gathered a few images to give you a visual of what we’re talking about. Each image shows a beautiful, coastal living room that is anchored by furniture. These spaces are anchored by furniture and allow the designer to decorate the rest of the room as they please. Have a look, take notes and be inspired to try this technique in your home.
Coastal living room with electic patterns and decor Coastal living room with fun and colorful patterns Coastal living room with small accent decor pieces Coastal living room with white sofa and chairs and colorful decor

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins #45 ::


Monday Pins

Bright coastal dining space with striped high chairs and large pendant lightsIt’s Monday and that means it’s time for your coastal home decor pins! That’s right, we have five fresh beach house inspired pins ripe for the pinning! Don’t be shy! We know we were excited to add them to our boards and you should be as well. So pin ’em and share ’em to show your love for coastal home decor. We hope these pins start your week off with a burst of inspiration and joy! Happy Monday!

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Cozy outdoor coastal space with plenty of seating Rustic beach inspired bathroom Small coastal studio complete with a Hobie surfboard White monochromatic coastal living room with a view into the kitchen

:: Tuva-Luvs – Franny ::


Thursday Tuva-Luvs

This week our Tuva-Luv comes from Franny! One of her store favorites is the surya desert sand pouf! Born of high quality, innovation and luxury, Surya reinterprets top trends into beautiful and lasting pieces for the home. The square Desert Sand pouf completes a living room sofa with simple, stylish appeal. Warmly textured with jute, the beige foot rest is as comfortable as it is casually classic. Add this pouf to your home today! Start shopping the surya desert sand pouf now!

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