:: Coastal Home Monday Pins #11 ::


Monday Pins

Beautiful coastal living room that opens up straight to the beachIt’s Monday and that means coastal home decor pins. We have five completely coastal and ‘pin-able’ pins for your Pinterest boards because we’d feel horrible letting you down. Now that we’ve held up our end of the deal, it’s time to pin ’em and share ’em! Hit those boards and let the sharing begin!

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Coastal bunk beds in the kids room Coastal details decorated with monochromatic tones Nautical decor in the living room Open, flowing concept in a coastal home

:: Tuva-Luvs – Dana ::


Thursday Tuva-Luvs

Tuvalu Home Tuva-LuvsTuva-Luv Dana Noir Lagos SetteeThis week our Tuva-Luv comes from Dana! One of her store favorites is the Noir Lagos Settee! With the Noir Lagos Settee, you can add an elegant modern style to your home. This luxurious settee starts with a grey wash wooden frame that is covered in thick foam and soft cotton fabric. Nail-head detail and circular spindle wooden legs bring the classic touches to the modern style that lets this piece fit right in with traditional or fashion-forward environments. Take a closer look and shop the Noir Lagos Settee online!

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:: Rustic Wooden Ladders ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Bright coastal living room with plenty of ocean inspired decorA wooden ladder is a great design piece and an easy way to add rustic decor to your home. They’re extremely versatile and bring a great deal of eye pleasing interest to any space. How does a wooden ladder do this? By taking advantage of the vertical space.

They fill the room and give your eye something to follow through the space. This is as easy as leaning the wooden ladder up against the wall. Now if you want to take it a step further, you can add another layer of decor to continue building dynamic design. Decorate the ladder with throws or even hang art from them, the options can be as creative as you are (or, realistically, what you find on Pinterest). If you’re handy enough you can even convert a wooden ladder into a makeshift shelf. Just be careful what you choose to display, we can’t imagine those will be the sturdiest of shelves!

Take a look at what these designers have done and how they have decorated these spaces with wooden ladders. Plus let’s not forget, they’re a great excuse to go antique hunting. Oops, did we just plant that seed into your mind? Happy hunting!
Coastal home with a natural and white decor style Rustic beach house with plenty of eclectic decor

:: An Ode To Rugs During Winter ::


Coastal home entryway with nautical and cottage decorWinter introduces weather that is not only cold, but usually unforgiving. Typically ending in some kind of wet puddle, the last thing anyone wants is the outside weather inside their home. That means no exposed floors, tiled or not. Thankfully, there is a way to prevent such events from happening. Let us be the first, to say thank you to the rug.

Rugs become our best friends during the wet seasons. They give us a chance to stay ahead of the mess and possibly keep it contained. Right when you open the front door a rug is waiting for you to slip off those soaking wet shoes and leave the mess behind you. Needless to say, we aren’t buying those indoor/outdoor rugs just for their cute patterns. We are gladly cashing in on the practical purpose they serve as well.

There’s no secret tips, revelations or DIY winter hacks in this post. This post is strictly acknowledging the often walked all over accessory that saves our floors. Thank you, rugs. Don’t ever change.

Find rugs in all shapes, sizes, colors and patterns online and in store at Tuvalu Home!

:: Coastal Home Monday Pins #10 ::


Monday Pins

Big widows in a coastal living room Monday means it’s time for coastal home decor pins! Don’t worry, we will deliver! We have five, pin-worthy coastal home decor pins ready for your Pinterest boards. So let’s get the week started off right and share some coastal decor! Happy pinning!

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Coasatl decor details in the stairway Coastal dining space with an open view of the ocean Coastal home decor covered in bright, natural light Large pendant light hanging over a farm style table

:: Spotted! Eco Woven Square Throw ::


Feature Friday

Spotted HGTV Magazine Eco Woven Square ThrowLook what we spotted! Tuvalu Home’s Eco Woven Square Blanket is featured in the January issue of HGTV Magazine. This throw blanket is a great way to add an extra layer of warmth and keep you cozy during those cold nights! This fun, coral colored throw blanket has an updated graphic take on the classic tweed pattern. This design brings back a vintage texture with a twist. Plus it’s made in the USA! If you’re interested in the Eco Woven Square Blanket you can shop it online now!

:: Tuva-Luvs – Stephanie ::


Thursday Tuva-Luv

Tuvalu Home Tuva-Luvstuva-luv-stephanie-ocean-breeze-mugThis week our Tuva-Luv comes from Stephanie! One of her store favorites is the Ocean Breeze Mug! This is a cute mug that reads, “Life’s at ease with an ocean breeze.” It’s a simple, fun way to express yourself all day, everyday. So why not bring a little fun into the kitchen? Shop the Ocean Breeze Mug online now!

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:: The Ranch Featured On Forbes ::


ranch-at-laguna-beach-1200x675The Ranch at Laguna Beach is featured on Forbes! And guess who got a little mention? That’s right! Tuvalu Home and our wonderful owner, Laurie Alter, got a nice, little mention in the article.

It reads, “His sister, Laurie Alter, with whom he co-owns the popular Tuvalu Home Environment furnishings store in Laguna Beach (and the wife of Hobie’s son), designed the rooms to have the vibe of a small beach town, including rustic rope chandeliers, patterned tile backsplashes and vintage-looking distressed-leather couches.”

Head over and read the entire article “A Fresh Slice of Orange County: The Newly Reinvented Ranch at Laguna Beach” on Forbes

:: New Year, New Home Rule ::


Tuesday Tips

coastal home decor in a rustic beach houseThe new year is a chance to start fresh in life and in your home. One thing we can all agree on is that we never have enough space in our homes. Everyone can always use a little extra counter space here or some extra closet space there. What if we looked at this ‘space’ problem a little differently this year? What if, instead, we get rid of the stuff taking up space? This could be the year you reclaim your home and finally clear up some space for the stuff that really matters.

Can this be done? The answer is yes.

There’s one simple rule to accomplish this goal. The rule is:

If it doesn’t serve a utilitarian purpose and hasn’t been used in 6 months, get rid of it.

Donate it, sell it off, repurpose it and, if you have to, throw it out. Just get rid of it. Some people will find this task a lot harder than others. There is a major psychological element to actually get rid of items that we own. If you find yourself struggling, try bumping up the time of unused items to a year. The point is to create space in the house, get rid of clutter and free yourself from the unnecessary junk.

And before anyone says anything, there are exceptions. The exceptions can be things like collectables, heirloom pieces, extremely sentimental items and whatever you want to keep. This is just an easy guide to help you take a honest and real inventory of your belongings. We all know we don’t need 27 sweaters or 17 blankets, so let’s give it to those who do need these things. Start this year by helping yourself and others. Happy New Year!

:: Coastal Home Monday Pins #9 ::


Monday Pins

Coastal home decor detailsIt’s the first Monday of the new year and we want to get 2017 started off with some beautiful coastal home decor pins! This year we hope you get inspired by coastal home decor and try new ideas, styles and designs in your home. We’ve got five, pin-worthy photos of inspiration right here to get you started. Tuvalu Home wishes you a good year that’s filled with plenty of good times and memories, Happy New Year!

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Coastal home details Coastal living room designed with fun patterns Rustic inspired kitchen with open shelves White sliding barn door leading into a cozy sitting space