:: Using Rugs In Layers ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal living room with layered rugs under the coffee tableWhy limit yourself to one rug? Layering rugs is a great way to bring more color, texture and depth to the room. This decorating technique is a great way to bring the space together with a larger area rug and then anchor a specific spot in the room with a smaller rug.

Layering rugs usually consist of a sisal or jute rug as a bottom layer because of their natural, neutral tones that allow you to add a pattern or color on top of it. Is this the only way or bottom layer? Of course not, but it is a very common one that happens to look good as well. Once you lay down your base layer, a popular choice for the top layer rug is an animal hide rug, faux or real. Other popular choices, especially in coastal homes, consist of striped rugs and colorful patterned rugs.

It’s fun to combine other colors, patterns and textures while layering to create the look you want. It’s a great exercise to flex that creative muscle and maybe you’ll shock yourself with a great looking combination that you would have never even considered!
The pups approve of the layered rugs White cow hide rug layered on top of a jute rug in a coastal family room


:: You Need More Than Photos In Your Gallery Wall ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal gallery wall with a large basket and pictures surrounding itA gallery wall is an easy way to fill empty wall space. Slap up a couple pictures in frames and you’re done, or are you? There’s no doubt that using framed images with give you a great looking gallery wall. Using fun, unique and interesting frames of different sizes with give you an even better looking and more interesting gallery wall. But why stop there?

One thing you can incorporate is art. That doesn’t mean you just have to limit yourself to only framed art though and it doesn’t just have to be art. It can be an antique sign or piece you found hunting in the flea markets. These pieces can be worked into the gallery to make the wall look even more dynamic. Adding more than the just frame images brings a new depth and eye catching element to the wall.

Check out how these designers have used more than just images in their gallery  walls. Get inspired and start to think what you could add to your walls to make them that much better!
Coastal home gallery wall with coral art Rustic farmhouse inspired gallery wall Unique gallery wall with pictures and art resting on shelves

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins #56 ::


Monday Pins

Beauitful coastal home with a mellow tropical feelIt’s Monday and it’s time for you coastal home decor pins! This week we’re completely focusing on brighter and warmer because it’s been raining like crazy here in Southern California! It’s wet and cold so naturally we want to be somewhere else. Preferably somewhere sunny with the sun shining! Hopefully these five fresh pins can take you to a better place! Get those pin buttons ready and add these to your coastal home boards! We hope you stay dry and get warm this week! Happy Monday!

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Coastal chic mixed with a little modern style Outdoor tropical space ready to lounge Cozy chic coastal home with lots of eclectic charm Coastal side console with pops of blue

:: Tuva-Luvs – Jaymi ::


Thursday Tuva-Luvs

It’s Thursday and it’s time for our weekly Tuva-Luv! This store favorite comes from Jaymi and her pick is the medium grey olive bottle! This bottle is a beautiful antique, grey glass bottle that is perfect for any coastal home! The bottle adds texture and an organic feel that fits well with the coastal style. Decorate it with wild grass or let it stand on it own, the grey olive bottle works. Shop the medium grey olive bottle now!

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:: Coastal Home Decor Pins #55 ::


Monday Pins

Bright coastal living room with lots of natural light and blue huesHappy New Year! This Monday marks a fresh start to a new year! It’s time to think of what you want to accomplish this year, set your goals, make your plans and execute! Turn those resolutions into habits! We have a couple beautiful, coastal home decor photos to help start your year on the right foot! Maybe this is your year to take on a new home project and finally get to that bathroom remodel. The year is yours to do what you want and make it a great success! Have a good week and have a good year!

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Coastal cottage with nautical decor Colorful curtains in a coastal bedroom Cute coastal details Fun patterned pillow in a coastal living room

:: New Year, New Bookcase ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal bookshelf with a minimal deisgn approachGet ready for a new year, a new you, a new project, a new makeover and everything else new! If you want to start will something small your bookcase is a great place to start! We have a couple little tips to help liven it up and get your new year under way. We’re talking fast and easy things that anyone can do. You don’t need to be a professional interior designer (it doesn’t hurt if you are) or need to spend tons of money to create a beautiful bookcase. All you need are a few of these quick tips incorporated into your bookcase and you’re on your way. So here we go:

  • Start with color – A little color in your bookcase never hurts. This means painting the backs of your bookcase or only painting a square, or rectangle, to make it stand out. Another option is wallpaper. You can bring in patterns or textures if wanted.
  • Display art – Your bookcase doesn’t need to only showcase books or small accessories. Use it to show off some art too! Incorporating art into your bookcase will give it some life and grab the attention of the eye.
  • Add those accessories – Like the art, accessories give you the ability to have fun decorating the bookcase. They can be scattered around to give the bookcase a fresh look. These pieces will give the eye more to look at while scanning over the books on display.
  • Don’t forget the books – Your bookcase obviously needs books, but what it doesn’t need is a uniform, linear placement of them. Your books don’t have to boring! You can have fun with your books and display them in multiple ways. Laying them down, or leaning a book, will bring new space to the bookcase that also allows you to decorate with your art or accessories.

We’ve got a few examples of some great looking bookcases for you to use for inspiration to welcome in the new year. Remember to play around with your bookcase until you find what looks best. Good luck decorating!

Coastal bookshelf decorated with blu ehues and sea life inspired decor Colorful coastal bookshelf with lots of fun and unique decor Monochromatic white bookshelf

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins #54 ::


Beauitful modern coastal living room decorated for ChristmasMerry Christmas! We hope you have a great Christmas and get to spend the whole day relaxing with your friends and family! If you find some down time after presents or in the evening we have a few Christmas pins for your coastal home decor boards. Here’s to another great year and more time with the family these holidays!

Do you want more Christmas coastal decor? Check out our beach inspired Christmas decor board on the Tuvalu Home Pinterest!  Coastal Christmas with lots of bright, cheery colors Cute coastal Christmas decor Dining table decor with sea shells and starfish Simple holiday garland with a festive coastal look