:: Coastal Home Decor Pins #40 ::


Monday Pins

Bright coastal living room with lots of nautical decorIt’s Monday and it’s time for your Monday pins! That’s right, we’ve got five more fresh pins for your coastal home decor Pinterest boards. So get those pin buttons ready and start pinning! We hope you have a good week and happy Monday!

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Coastal kitchen space with a rustic vibe Coastal living room with a modern mix of decor Coastal outdoor space with a cozy bench Modern coastal space with a bead chandelier


:: Coastal Home Decor Pins #39 ::


Monday Pins

Bright coastal living room with minimal decorIt’s Monday and that means it’s time for Monday Pins! We have five more fresh pins for those coastal home decor boards! So get ready to pin ’em and share ’em! We hope these pins help get your week started in the right direction! happy Monday!

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Coastal living room with a cozy beach house style Coastal space with modern touches and fun decor Modern coastal kitchen in a home with rustic touches Outdoor space in a coastal home

:: Tuva-Luvs – Laurie ::


Thursday Tuva-Luvs

This week our Tuva-Luv comes from Laurie! One of her store favorites is the blue branch coral pillow! This pillow is a natural linen pillow with a fun and bright coral print on it. It’s the perfect piece to add a little coastal charm to any home, just set it on a chair or sofa and let it shine! If you want to add the blue branch coral pillow to your home, you can shop for it here!

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:: It’s Time For You To Bamboo ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Bamboo furniture in a tropical inspired homeBamboo decor is no stranger to coastal style and can be found in almost every beach cottage. It’s no surprise to see designers using bamboo in a space and getting in touch with their coastal roots. Bamboo brings a beachy vibe to any space and definitely lets that person know exactly what kind of home they’re in. Plus it can come in any color. Painted bamboo has really opened up the design options and lets us go wild! We love the look of bamboo and it will always be a coastal home classic.

What are your thoughts on bamboo? Do you use it in your home? Or have you guys moved onto to something new? Let us know! And don’t forget to enjoy these beautiful spaces these designers have put together using bamboo!
Coastal dining room with white bamboo chairsCoastal furniture in an outdoor spaceCoastal lounge chair made of bamboo in the living roomColorful bamboo trolley bar cart

:: 3 Ways To Use Pillows In A Coastal Home ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal bedroom with lots of cozy pillowsNever under estimate the power of pillows. They have the ability to completely change the look the room, effortlessly blend in and be the final touch needed for the space. In a coastal home, pillows can really bring out your design style and decor. A coastal home isn’t about dramatic furniture or hard lines that define the space. It’s all about the light, airy feel which leaves you the option of using your pillows for more than just a comfy place to rest your head. We’ve got a quick list for you guys on three simple ways to maximize the use of your pillows! And when you’re done with one set, all you have to do is pick them up and plop the new ones down! It’s that easy! Now onto the list!

1. Use them to compliment the decor

Are you in love with the way your space came out? Perfect! Let’s add the finishing touches, the pillows. You can use pillows to carry your design throughout the space without them taking away from, or distracting from, the rest of the decor. You usually see this in an all white space or a space with a neutral palette. That doesn’t mean it can’t be used in spaces that use color in the design though!

2. Use them to add color and patterns.

Pillows are one the easiest and best ways to add color to any space! They do not require a paint brush or clean up. Pick out some fun pillows to add pops of color to the space and watch them bring life to the room. The same goes with any colorful or fun patterned pillows. They will liven up the space and leave you happy with your design choices!

3. Use them to add texture and depth

A few pillows on a sofa can be very versatile. They can break up the solid colors you may have as while as give the space a deeper, fuller look. You can achieve this by pairing pillows (such as the blue ikat patterned ones on top of the solid white ones above). It gives depth and character to an area of the space that could easily be overlooked. It also shows your attention to detail and that you loved designing your home.Coastal living room with lots of natural light and indigo dyed pillowsFun patterns in a coasta living roomLiving room with textured, white pillows in an eclectic coastal homeCoastal living room with ikat print pillows on the sofa

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins #38 ::


Monday Pins

Coastal details opon entry of the bedroomMonday means it’s time for your weekly coastal home decor pins! This week we have five more coastal home inspired pins ready for those Pinterest boards. Get some fresh ideas and take notes on how these designers have designer these spaces and fall in love with them just as we have! Pin ’em and share ’em, ladies and gentlemen! Don’t forget to have a good week and enjoy your Monday!

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Coastal living room with exposed wood beams and subtle hints of blue hues Coastal side console with a bright, cheery look Perfect coastal bedroom for guests Simple outdoor coastal patio space

:: Minimal Style Coastal Bedrooms ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal bedroom with a minimal design styleThere’s something refreshing about a clean and minimal coastal bedroom. It’s inviting in a way that says, “Don’t worry about a thing, enjoy yourself and relax.” Our bedrooms should always be about relaxation and comfort which minimal design definitely offers. The clean lines in the space aren’t cluttered with unnecessary design elements which leaves your line of sight and mind stress free and mess free. The best part about minimal design are the option. It doesn’t mean that everything has to be white or have a minimalistic design. That is, of course, one way of doing it, but not the only one. You can introduce color into the space and even use bold patterns, but use them in moderation to keep the clean and simple look. Check out some of these beautiful clean and simple bedrooms we’re loving!Coastal bedroom with a minimal rustic style Coastal bedroom with natural light and natural jute and wood accessories and furniture Minimal coastal bedroom Modern coastal bedroom with surfboards on the wall

:: 3 Ways You Can Update Those Boring Stairs ::


Tuesday Tips

Bright, well lit coastal stariwayIt’s time to breath new life into the stairs you walk up and down each day! There’s no reason not to love your stairs, so we put together this tips post to help you guys out and give you some inspiration! We’ve got three ways you can update your stairs and enjoy walking up and down your stairs. Check it out!

1. Get Your Paintbrush Ready!

A little paint can go a long way on your stairs. There are plenty of options for painting your stairs. You can paint them one solid color, multiple colors, paint patterns, or even paint scenes on them. It all depends on the look you’re going for. And when you want to change it up again, no problem! Just pick your new paint colors and start painting.

2. Time To Start Running!

A stair runner can add more than just a new look to your stairs. It can bring style, color and purpose. You can use a stair runner to bring the upstairs and downstairs decor together and keep the flow going from space to space. It will also help fight against wear if your stairs are going to get a constant beating.

3. Keep It Natural!

Not into wood stairs or stair runners? Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you! Natural stones and tiles can bring a new look and style into your home. You can also paint your tile to give your stairs a unique look. These materials can be used inside or outside and are built to last.

* Bonus Tip – Ditch The Typical Banister *

If you really want to change up your stairs and give them a whole new look then it’s time to try something new. Get rid of your original banister and run some thick rope instead. This nautical accessory will give your stairs the complete coastal look and leave you loving your stairs.Coastal cottage with a painted staircase Coastal entry with stairs covered in tile to match the decor hues Coastal staircase with a jute rug runner Coastal staircase with nautical ropes as handrails

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins #37 ::


Monday Pins

Beach cottage with a cozy, rustic feelIt’s Monday and it’s time for your Monday Pins! Get those pin buttons ready because your coastal home decor boards are about to get a few new additions. We’ve got a fresh batch of pins that deserve a spot on those boards. So pin ’em and share ’em and don’t forget to have a good week! Happy Monday!

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Coastal living room with lots of natural light and a large driftwood art piece hanging on the wall Open coastal living room with lots of natural light Coastal sitting area with a big piece of wall art of the ocean Nautical inspired bedroom with rustsic vintage decor