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:: Cover Up That Table! ::


Bright striped table cover in a tropical style backyardThis hot weather is great for two things: getting started on your base tan and outdoor dining. Since you don’t see any bronzed bodies in this post, it’s safe to say that we’re focusing on the latter of the two. The hot heat carries throughout the day and doesn’t really start to cool down until night time which creates the perfect temperatures for a family dinner in the backyard. Cue the tablecloths and table runners! They are the perfect addition to any backyard dining or mid day picnic. They bring fun colors or patterns as well as a nice cover up for that weathered table that’s been fighting the elements. Check out some these tablecloths and table runners below to see what you can do in your backyard this outdoor season!
Coastal backyard with a fun table setting and table runner Simple stipe tabke runner on an eclectic, coastal style table Striped tabelcloth on a rsutic style outdoor table

:: Buoy String Lights In Enjoy ::


ENJOY MAY_JUNE 2015 COVERenjoy may 2015 buoy string lights tuvalu homeWe’re featured in this month’s Enjoy Magazine! They selected our buoy string lights to feature in their magazine and we support their choice all the way! These are the perfect edition to any spring/summer patio or backyard space. String them up for those nights spent enjoying the warm weather under the stars in the great outdoors. If you’re interested in picking up the buoy string lights you can head over to the online store here and buy them now!

:: Cozy Coastal Weekend Pins ::


Cozy coastal living room with coastal detailsWe’re getting cozy this weekend because we’ve got clouds and chance of rain this weekend. It’s time to get out the throws, the blankets, light the fireplace and live on Pinterest. That’s our plan for this weekend’s weather, maybe mix a little Netflix in there too. Well, maybe a lot of Netflix, but that’s what rainy weather’s for! We’ll let you get back to binge watching after we show you some cozy weekend pins! Get those pin buttons ready and start pinning to those boards! Enjoy the great indoors this weekend and stay warm!
Cozy guest room with twin beds and plenty of comfy blankets in a coastal home Cozy, coastal cottage style living room with a neutral pallete Modern coastal bedroom with beautiful, eclectic detailsCoastal kids bedroom with cozy bunks and cute children toys

:: Sunnylife Cooler Bag Featured On BuzzFeed! ::


sufbroxx_cooler-bag-acapulco-lifeThe Sunnylife Cooler Bag is featured on a BuzzFeed list titled “23 Things You Need To Make The Outdoors Better”. This fun list shows up at the perfect time and helps us get ready for spring! We’re happy to be a part of the list because we love being outdoors as much as we can! Check out the rest of the list here!

:: Decor With The Sea In Mind ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Cute, nautical decor in a wonderfully decorated nookThe sea is calling and it looks like the call is being answered with one particular style. That’s right! We’re talking about nautical decor! Nautical decor is a wonderful way to bring aspects of the sea and coastal life into your home. Take a look to see what these designers are doing with the style. Use the images to get ideas and inspiration on ways to bring the effortlessly coastal style into your home!

Not sure where to start with your nautical style search? Check out our online store here and get an idea for your home’s nautical decor!

Minimal nautical decor in the living room Model sail boats serving as some beauitful nautical decor Nauitcal decor in the bedroom with fun accessories and details Nautical decor on the patio

:: Check Us Out On 4 Men 1 Lady! ::


tuvalu-home-4-men-1-lady-postWe’ve got a feature up on! We helped out with the living room redesign with a new coffee table and end table. Check out their blog post for more info and pictures here!

:: We Remerchandised The Store! Pt. 2 ::


Tuvalu_Store_Pano_5Here’s the rest of the store remerch photos! We’ve put together some of our favorite vignettes during this store remerchandising and we’re happy we get to show you guys! But enough with the words, on to the photos! Scroll down and check them out! If you want to see everything in person come on down and say hi! tuvalu-remerch-19tuvalu-remerch-21tuvalu-remerch-20tuvalu-remerch-22tuvalu-remerch-23tuvalu-remerch-24tuvalu-remerch-50tuvalu-remerch-51tuvalu-remerch-52tuvalu-remerch-53tuvalu-remerch-54Tuvalu_Store_Pano_4tuvalu-remerch-1tuvalu-remerch-2tuvalu-remerch-3tuvalu-remerch-4tuvalu-remerch-5tuvalu-remerch-6tuvalu-remerch-7tuvalu-remerch-8tuvalu-remerch-9tuvalu-remerch-10tuvalu-remerch-12tuvalu-remerch-30tuvalu-remerch-29tuvalu-remerch-28tuvalu-remerch-27tuvalu-remerch-26tuvalu-remerch-25tuvalu-remerch-18tuvalu-remerch-17tuvalu-remerch-16tuvalu-remerch-15tuvalu-remerch-14tuvalu-remerch-13

:: The Finally Touches of The Remerch! ::


tuvalu-remerch-11Here’s a shot of the last chandelier going up and being the final finishing touch on our store remerch! We all gathered and celebrated the wonderful results of our fun, in store project. We’ve got more photos for you guys and they’ll be posted up on the blog soon!

:: Our Navy Throw is Featured on! ::


mom-candy-wednesday-navy-throw-tuvalu-homeWe’re featured in the Mom Candy section on! They selected our navy throw and we couldn’t agree with their choice more! Check it out on their website here and shop for the navy throw on our web store here!

:: We Remerchandised The Store! Pt. 1 ::


Tuvalu_Store_Pano_1We finished remerchandising the store at the end of last week and we’re pretty happy about the way it came out. Okay, we love the way it came out! The store looks great and we want to show it to you guys! We’d love for all of you to come in and get the full experience in person, but we know the Tuvalu family is spread out around the world. So take a look at what we’ve done with the store! If you see anything you like and can’t make it in, drop us a line and we’ll get you sorted out! And stayed tuned for more because this is only part 1 of 2!
tuvalu-remerch-40 tuvalu-remerch-39 tuvalu-remerch-42tuvalu-remerch-37tuvalu-remerch-41tuvalu-remerch-38Tuvalu_Store_Pano_2tuvalu-remerch-31tuvalu-remerch-32tuvalu-remerch-33tuvalu-remerch-34tuvalu-remerch-35tuvalu-remerch-36Tuvalu_Store_Pano_3tuvalu-remerch-45tuvalu-remerch-46tuvalu-remerch-47tuvalu-remerch-48tuvalu-remerch-49tuvalu-remerch-56tuvalu-remerch-57