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:: How High To Hang Your Dining Room Chandelier ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal chic diing room with a gorgeous chandelierThe dining room chandelier is a design conundrum that has been around for as long as we can remember. There are many aspects that go into making this design choice. The official standing, and what you’ll most likely read in the textbooks, is to hang the chandelier 30-34 inches above the dining room table if you have an 8 foot ceiling. If you have a higher ceiling you add 3 inches for every foot above 8 feet. For example, if you have 10 foot ceiling you would hang the chandelier 36-50 inches above the table. That’s just the start.

On top of the hanging height, you need to take into consideration the width. The general rule is to make sure your chandelier is 12 inches narrower than the with of your table. So purchase a wide table because we don’t want anyone hitting their heads on it now, do we? That’s not too bad, but wait! It’s then suggested that the chandelier be 48 inches from each wall in the dining room and should be centered on the table. We can manage that right? Right!

Now that we have the technically side down, it’s time to actually pick your chandelier which means more choices and options as well as design aspects to factor in. Starting to see where this is going? Exactly, no thanks! Sometimes you have to toss the rules out the window and go for it. A chandelier doesn’t need to be that complicated. Find what you like, make sure it fits in the room (literally and aesthetically) and then eye it. Size it up with your eyes and pick the height that you like the most as well as looks right to you. This is your space, you don’t need other people telling you how to design it.

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Beautiful coastal dining room with a spectacular viewBig, coastal dining space with a minimal design look Bright, open coastal dining space with fun textures and patterns Ikat dining room table chandelier with matching chair and beauitful coasta art on the walls


:: Neutral Palette Weekend Pins ::


Feature Friday

Fun rustic, coastal living romo with neutral colors and texturesWe’re loving all these neutral spaces today! The mellow, laid back feel is exactly what we want going into the weekend. That’s why we’re choosing these great pinable photos for your Weekend Pins post! Get those boards ready and start pinning for the weekend! Happy Friday!

Want more coastal pins for your boards? Find more on the Tuvalu Home Pinterest here!
Coastal living room with a neutral color scheme with pops of blue Neautral palette with a soft tone and coastal accents Neutral coastal decor in the living room Neutral palette complimented with textures

:: Vern Yip Stopped By The Store! ::


IMG_8274Vern Yip was in Laguna Beach to talk about design and show his new fabric line for Trend Fabricut at the Laguna Design Center! Many of you probably recognize him as one of the amazing judges on HGTV’s Design Star, his show Urban Oasis or that he’s been active in the design world forever. He was nice enough to come in and visit our store! We loved that we got to chat with him, talk shop and snap a photo! It was nice meeting you Vern and thanks for stopping by!

:: Thinking Tropical ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Beautiful, open trpoical living space with lush, green plantsWe’re checking out and heading to the island life. Bring on the white sand beaches, beautiful palms and a cozy hammock, please! Unfortunately, it’s not that easy, but we aren’t beaten that easy! We’re taking a mental vacay to the tropics! And we’re inviting you guys to come with us! It also seems like we’re not the only ones that are looking for the island life. The tropical style has been showing up recently and it’s more than welcomed this time of the year. We haven’t forgotten that most of the country actually experiences winter. Hang in there guys! Spring will be here soon! In the mean time, kick your shoes off and dream of warm beaches with the sun shining. It’s never a bad time to get inspired by these great tropical spaces. We’re loving the way these look and wish we could just jump right in them! See you guys out there!

Outdoor tropical backyard space with lots of vegetation Tropical inspired outdoor space ready to relax inAsian inspired tropical space with eclectic decorWelcoming hammock in a tropic home

:: Go Big With Your Art! ::


Tuesday Tips

Creative way to show off art. Create a shelf and place the frame on it.We think that no wall should be left behind! No wall shall go bare while there is art out in the world to hang on it! That’s why you should go big with your art. Cover as much of that wall as you can. There are many ways to do this: get one large piece to cover the wall, create a gallery wall, or get creative with how you display it (like the picture shown above). The bottom line is you get to cover your walls and you get to show off some great art. It’s truly a win-win, especially for those home owners that are fortunate enough to have large spaces. Use large art or gallery walls to fill the space. Using art to cover the walls can give the room a fuller, richer feel when you enter it. Take a look at what these designers have done with these spaces and how they’ve used art to not only cover the walls, but pull the room together.

Are you looking to invest in some art for your home? Check out our art on our online website here!
Beautiful ocean artwork hanging above the dining space Coastal art hanging on the wall in the living room Large sea inspired art hanging in a coastal bedroom Shell art hanging on the wall in a coastal living room

:: Ikat Pattern Play Weekend Pins ::


Feature Friday

Cute ikat pattern pillows in a coastal living spaceThe ikat pattern is a pattern that instantly sparks life and color into a room. It’s a unique pattern that comes in every color under the rainbow so you can find a pattern to go with any palette. It’s fun and playful nature is a perfect way to greet the weekend. That’s why this weeks’s weekend pins post is featuring the Ikat pattern. Take a look at these spaces that feature the pattern and see how these designers incorporate ikat into their homes. Happy Friday! Clean, simple coastal space ith ikat patterned pillows Coastal dining space with ikat curtains Natural textures and ikat patterns in a coastal living roomBright and colorful coastal living room with fun ikat patterned chairs and sofas

:: Sea Glass Table Lamps ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal bedroom with matching steel bed frames, turquoise rustic nightstand, and sea glass table lampSea glass is basically a permanent trend in coastal design. It will always be around and will always be a staple in coastal decor. So when we see something involving sea glass start to get more design time we instantly support it. Like these sea glass table lamps you see in this post. It’s a great addition to any coastal home and brings heavy coastal style into any space. It’s natural hues work perfectly with most coastal palettes as well. Check out these pictures and take notes on how these designers use sea glass table lamps in each space.

If you’ve fallen in love and need a sea glass table lamp, you can pick one up now on the Tuvalu Home webstore here!
Coastal living room decorated in nuetral tones and a splash of sea green Coastal living room with a white palette decorated with blue accents Fantastic range of blue and turquoise featured in an eclectic space Natural textures mixed with blue hues to create a beautiful coastal vignette

:: Design Big In A Small Space ::


Tuesday Tips

Chic, coastal space with unique storageDesigning in a small space is a fun and challenging task. It makes you really flex your design skills as well as try things you normally wouldn’t. Most importantly, it forces you to get creative! Space dictates what you can and cannot do in your home. You aren’t going to try and fit a piece that is too big for the space into it. It won’t fit properly, it will look awkward and you’ll regret the wasted money spent trying to make it work. You have to adjust your design accordingly.

When it comes to small spaces there are three tips we always like to consider: be creative with your space, get vertical and involve your walls. When decorating and designing a small space it’s never a bad idea to keep these three tips in mind. Let’s look into them more!

Be Creative With Your Space

To get the most out of a small room you need to be willing to get creative. You have to try things in new ways. It really forces your creativity to come out which makes designing so fun! You can look to design in spaces that aren’t typically used or often looked over. Try utilizing the space under the stairs or creating hidden storage spots in places throughout the home. You’d be surprised how much more you can get out of a space with just a little creative thinking.

Get Vertical

This is a great concept in a small space. Going up and designing vertically is a great way to make the space look bigger. If you’re trying to design outward you’ll end up running out of room – fast. That’s why you should think up. Try floor to ceiling shelves or going higher on the walls with your decor. Maximize the look of your window displays by pushing your curtains as high up on the wall as they will go. It will make the space appear larger and longer giving it a bigger feel. So go up and not out!

Involve Your Walls

Those walls are meant for much more than just holding up your home. This is especially true in a small space. There’s no excuse not to use your walls for extra decor, shelf space or even paneling. Walls can be covered with art and fun accessories to fill the spaces you wouldn’t normally use. Try not to smother the walls though, it’s an easy way to make the room feel cramped and like it’s closing in on you. Plan for your walls to be covered, but not smothered.

There’s plenty you can do with the space you are given. Part of the creative process is knowing how to design and decorate in the space you have. Whether it be large, small, new or old, you can have fun and create amazing designs!

Fun, hidden storage space in a coastal home Open, airy coastal bedrooom with white decor Storage ideas in a small space Taking advantage of space under the stairs to display coastal accessories and decor Unique storage space in a coastal kitchen