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:: Spotted! Glass Bottles ::


Feature Friday

spotted! glass bottles tuvalu homeWe spotted a few beautiful glass bottles in this month’s Country Living! We love decorating with glass bottles! They add a coastal flare to any home, especially when you decorate with sea glass bottles. They gorgeous blues, greens and other colors come in every shape and size which makes them handy in any space. Use them for storage, as a vase or just set them out as is, the glass bottle is a versatile piece! Check out some of the glass bottle we carry in our online store here!


:: Tuva-Luvs – Stephanie ::


Thursday Tuva-Luvs

Tuvalu Home Tuva-Luvstuva-luv-stephanieThis week’s Tuva-Luv is brought to us by Stephanie! One of her Tuva-Luvs is the white tealight holder with gold trim set! These tea light holders are hand thrown, white glazed ceramic bowls detailed with gold trim that add an organic element to the piece. Give your candles a proper home with the white tealight holder set. Use this cute set to decorate in the bedroom or in the bathroom when you’re taking a relaxing bath. Find the white tealight holder with gold trim set on our online store here!

See all of the Tuva-Luvs and more on our website here!

:: Super Bowl Serving Pieces ::


tuvalu home super bowl serving piecesGet ready for Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, February 7th! Whether you’re hosting or bringing a plate to the party, make sure you have the serving dish you need! We grabbed 5 serving dishes that will work perfect for a Super Bowl Sunday party! If you see one you like we’ve got links to each below.

1. sea life fish serving bowl

2. mud pie coral embossed chip n dip

3. palladio 2 tier cake stand

4. polka dot whale shaped plate

5. jade milk glass pedestal

Check out the rest of our serving dishes on the Tuvalu Home online store here!

:: Coastal Skirted Furniture ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Beauitful coastal cottage spacew with minimal decor and skirted arm chairs

Decorating with skirted furniture is a great way to add style and charm to a space. They can cover up unwanted furniture legs or add volume to a piece to give it more weight. They also add instant coastal cottage feels which can make the space feel more cozy and welcoming. Using skirted furniture also bring a sense of continuity to the space. It brings the decor together while also giving you the option to break up the space by pairing furniture that is skirted with furniture that is not skirted. Say you have a separate nook you want to be it’s own space, using chairs that are not skirted can set it apart. Check out some of these beautiful, coastal spaces that have taken advantage of skirted furniture! Get inspired and a get a feel for cozy, skirted furniture!
Coastal cottage with skirted sofa and rustic inspired decor Coastal living room with white decor and a skirted sofa Coastal skirted sofa in an all white, monochromatic color palette Simple coastal living room with skirted furniture

:: Coastal Decor With A View ::


Monday Pins

Coastal bedroom with ocean views without having to get out of bedIt’s a pretty safe bet to think that most people want their home to have a view. It’s also a pretty safe bet to say that if you’re reading this blog post that your preferred view would be of the ocean. If you’ve randomly stumbled onto our blog and coastal decor really isn’t your style, that’s okay! We’re very excited you’ve taken the time to stop by! We think you should hang out for awhile and explore our blog – we also think you’ll like what you’ll find! Now back to that ocean view! Having a beautiful view to wake up to every morning sounds pretty good to us. That’s why this week’s Monday Pins post is inspired by coastal style home with an ocean view! We feel like we really don’t need to explain this one, so we won’t. Get those pin buttons ready because we’ve got five pin worthy photos coming at you! Enjoy the decor in the spaces and the views that come with the home! There’s no reason not to pin these to your boards!

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Eclectic coastal living room with beach front views Minimal coastal backyard decor Modern coastal kitchen with a stunning ocean view Nautical inspired living room with a grand ocean view

:: Tuvalu Home Design Studio ::


tuvalu home design studioThe “Design Studio” space was added to the Laguna Beach store in early 2012, to offer full, turnkey design and decorating service. In addition to furnishings and accessories, the Design Studio showcases a library of hardwood floor, tile, fabric, wall covering and window treatment options. It’s all about working together to achieve the perfect space for clients and making the design process enjoyable for them. Working closely with her team of designers, Tuvalu founder Laurie Alter, offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy on design services. From special orders of tiny accessories to outfitting an entire house, if clients are not completely happy with every detail, Laurie and her designers will work diligently until everything is 100% perfect. Contact us to find out more about our interior decorating services. For those not in the southern California area, we offer our Tuvalu “Design TuGo” services to provide online design consulting and decorating packages.

Get in contact by calling the Tuvalu Design studio at (949)715-5604! Or send us an email at! We look forward to working with you and creating beautiful spaces!

:: Tuva-Luvs – Peggi ::


Thursday Tuva-Luvs

Tuvalu Home Tuva-Luvstuva-luv peggiToday’s Tuva-Luv comes from Peggi! One of her store favorite’s are the Heart Measuring Spoons! These measuring spoons are made with rhodium plated zinc. They say of love after each measurement and would make a perfect gift for a loved one! Add these to your kitchen or to the kitchen of someone you care about today! Get a closer look at the Heart Measuring Spoons here!

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:: Cuban Tile ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Beauitful tile work in a cuban homeNow that traveling to Cuba has become easier for Americans, it seems that everyone is trying to make their way over there and see what they’ve been missing out on. Even though it’s not exactly legal to just jump a flight and vacation over there, the lengthy process that once was has been set aside making traveling over much less of a hassle. Heading over there under the guise of journalism is one way to ensure a trip to Cuba. That’s why you may have seen many publications toting their Cuban trips, photos and stories. We have no objections to people sharing the Cuban culture because it is as island lifestyle as it gets. We love seeing the architecture, the design and the home decor that we now get an up close look at.

One design aspect we’re really excited about is the beautiful tile work that they do in Cuba. The bright, colorful patterns are gorgeous and something to dream about. As trendy as trips to Cuba are, the culture and lifestyle that they finally get to share with us is much more fascinating. We’ve gathered some great Cuban tile photos and we hope there are many more to come from travels over to their country. Take a look at how they have create wonderful works of art and get inspired to bring a little Cuban style to your home.
Cuban home with a turquoise color pallete and stunning tile work Cuban kitchen with great tile work and open shelvesCuban style tile on outdoor stairs Cuban tile in the home with bright, tropical colors

:: 3 Ways To Accent Your Home With Color ::


Tuesday Tips

Beautiful Coastal living room with deep-blue accent painted wallsUsing color to accent walls and spaces is a great technique that anyone can use throughout their home. Step one is deciding what color you want to accent or highlight the space with. When you’re picking out the color there’s one main thing you need to consider, what do you want your accent color to accomplish? Do you want it to be bright? Do you want it compliment the color palette in a subtle way? Maybe you want something that does both? If you’re having a hard time deciding how to use color to accent, these 3 ways to accent your home with color will help. Each of the 3 ways to accent your home with color gives you design ideas and decor options to help you accent with color.

1. Accent A Wall

The easiest, and most effective way, to accent with color in your home is by painting a wall. It’s one wall with one color and you’re done. Painting can be a hassle, but thankfully it’s only one wall and not the entire room. This wall can be painted in a bright color to stand out or it can be used to add color while complimenting the space (pictured above).

Coastal cottage style kitchen with an accent painted island

2. Accent A Specific Section

If you want to get creative with color, try accenting a specific section of the space. For example, in the kitchen you can paint the island a different color to create an accent piece in the kitchen space (pictured above). Another way this has been done is by painting the inside of shelves. If it’s a built in shelf, for example, the inside area of the shelf can be painted a different color to create a more interesting accent style.

Coastal living room with colored accessories to help accent the space with pops of color

3. Accent With Accessories

The third way to accent with color does not involve painting. If you’re not handy with a brush, this is the option for you. Accent the space by decorating with accessories (pictured above). This is usually done by decorating on a neutral color palette in order for the accessory colors to pop. Hunting the pieces down can be a task, but it is all part of the fun that we call decorating. Also, don’t forget how easy the internet has made shopping for specific color palettes. Each item adds a fun pop of color that allows you to use colors to accent the space to your heart’s desire. Coastal cottage style kitchen with light blue and turquoise accent pieces Coastal living room with a bright yellow accent painted wall and accessoires to match

:: Cookin’ Up Monday Pins ::


Monday Pins

Coastal cottage style kitchen with minimal decor and a weather wood ceilingWe’ve got oven fresh pins straight out the kitchen! This week’s Monday Pins post is all about the kitchen! We’ve found five pin worthy kitchens that have a different styles for you guys to see and pull inspiration from. So get those pin buttons ready and hit those boards! Happy pinning!

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Coastal kitchen with rustic inspired decor and furniture Coatsal cottage kitchen with beauitful a weathered ceiling and little nautical details Kitchen with a bright blue, green back splash that adds fun color mixed with lush, green plants Large wicker pendant lights in a mondern coastal style kitchen