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:: Geometric Patterns In Coastal Homes ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal cottage with stripes and geometric patternsPatterns are a staple in coastal home decor. With many of the common patterns used in coastal homes, a new one has been showing up. The geometric pattern has been spotted offering a fun and unique way to add some character and style to a space.

Geometric patterns effortlessly make their way into coastal homes because of their playful style. They’re also a quick step away from the classic stripe patterns that often show up in nautical home and beach cottages. The two patterns can be used to play off of each other, but the geometric pattern can quickly steal the show.

With the eye catching style of geometric patterns, a little accent piece is all you need. It’s easy to add a fun pillow, throw or rug to add a pop of style to the space. With the sharp lines and repeating patterns our eyes are naturally drawn to the patterns. This creates a fun accent piece that can help carry the eyes through the room.

Get inspired by this fun and energetic pattern! The geometric lines and shapes will be a fun addition to the home and add a great focal point!
Coastal living room filled bathed in natural light Coastal living room with patterns and fiber textures Eclectic coastal living room with geometric patterns Modern coastal living room with geometric patterned pillows and rug


:: 3 Pendant Lights Perfect For A Coastal Kitchen ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal kitchen with lots of lightingThis week we’re taking a look at three different pendant lights that are perfect for a coastal kitchen! A pendant light is a great visual piece in the kitchen that also offers a little extra light. They come in every shape and size that makes finding the perfect lighting fixture easy for any kitchen. Each of the pendant lights below offer a unique style and add the perfect touch to the kitchen. Check out these 3 pendant lights that you can use in your kitchen!

arteriors reeves pendants1. Arteriors Reeves Pendants

This pendant from Arteriors is the perfect solution for a clean and simple lighting solution for the kitchen.  With it’s minimal look it can fill the space in the kitchen without distraction from the space.

bogart spot light pendant2. Bogart Spot Light Pendant

This spot light pendant from Bogart offers a nice punch of nautical style when it is used in the kitchen. This list would fit perfect in a traditional nautical style home or any beach cottage.

jamie young lafitte pendant3. Jamie Young Lafitte Pendant

The Jamie Young Lafitte Pendant has a vintage light style look shaped from glass. The glass lets the light cast more light and offer more to the space than just accent lighting.

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins 99 ::


Monday Pins

Coastal bedroom with natural textures and fun pillow printsIt’s time for those Monday coastal home pins! Because we were feeling extra cozy this morning, this week’s pins are inspired by our beloved bedroom. A place where warmth, cuddles and lazy mornings happen. Let these pins bring you back to that morning comfort before you have to trudge out of bed and into the world. Have a great week and happy Monday!

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Coastal kids bunk beds Eclectic coastal bedroom with fun decor Simple coastal bedroom with minimal beach decorCoastal bedroom with indigo dyed pillows

:: Stay Warm Around The Fireplace ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Clean coastal living room with a touch of modern styleIt’s been so cold this winter and it’s time to get warm. Cue the fireplace! Throw a couple logs in the fireplace to get the home nice and toasty. It’s a great way to get cozy and warm without having to break the bank.

With the fireplace being in the living room it becomes a focal point that is easy to design around. Place a basket filled with comfy throws and a couple pillows around the fireplace to add decor to the space. They will also help keep you warm while the fire gets started!

Today we’ve grabbed a couple of our favorite fireplaces to motivate you guys to get yours fired up. Now all you’ll need is a hot cup of tea or some hot cocoa! Stay warm friends!

Coastal living room with cute small fireplace Coastal living with a cottage beach house vibe Cozy coastal living room with bohemian design pieces

:: Bring Out The Blues ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal cottage living room decorated with indigo blue dye pillowsThere is nothing more coastal than the color blue. When you drive down PCH you see the endless blue ocean paired with beautiful blue skies. It’s an amazing color that offers a wide range with hues from dark to light. Let’s not forget that the color was basically created for coastal homes.

The wide range that blue hued accessories and decor come on brings an endless supply of options for the home. From pillows to wall art, the color is can be used for everything. Blue hues happen to pair well with most colors as well. It really pops out on light color palettes and becomes the instant point of attention in lighter spaces.

Get inspired by these wonderful spaces using blue hues to their full potential. We would say try using some blue in your home, but chances are you already are!

Coastal dining space with different hues and shades of blue decor Cozy coastal cottage decorated with blue hues Open coastal living room decorated with dark, rich blues

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins 98 ::


Monday Pins

Coastal bedroom with a lots of natural light and texturesIt’s Monday and that means it’s time for you coastal home decor pins! Check out these beautifully designed coastal spaces with a hint of modern style and decor. We love the clean look of each space that shows a the beauty and elegance that can be achieved with a modern coastal style. Get those pin buttons ready and start pinning to those boards!

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Coastal design pieces in a modern coastal home Modern coastal dining space with lots of natural light Modern coastal living room Open coastal living room

:: Start Fresh With White Decor ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal kitchen in a fresh white styleWith the new year under way we want to keep the fresh start going. A great way to create a fresh space is to use the white hues to decorate. White is known to invoke feelings of freshness, cleanliness and purity. A designer can use this color to create beautiful space that feels open and airy.

White decor is a great way to create a fresh look. The monochromatic color palette is perfectly complimented with natural pieces like woods and metals. They add depth to the space with textures and colors that help break up the monochromatic tone of the space.

Keep the fresh start motivation going into the new year going and get inspired with these wonderful white spaces.
Coastal living room space decorated with natural textures and materialst on a white palette Coastal seating area in the lving room decorated in all white Coastal white dining area with touches of rustic style and decor Open doors to a coastal bathroom with a white tone

:: Tidy Up This Year ::


Tuesday Tips

Bright coastal living room bathed in natural lightA new year is a new chance to start fresh. Start fresh with your life and with your home. One thing most of us can agree on is that we never have enough space in our homes. Everyone can always use a little extra counter space here or some extra closet space there.

Since we can’t just create extra space out of thin air, what if we looked for space in a different way the year? What if we get rid of the stuff that is taking up space? The extra stuff we don’t need or use. This could be the year you reclaim your home and finally clear up some space for the things that really matter and provide use in your life.

There’s one simple rule to accomplish this goal. If it doesn’t serve a purpose and hasn’t been used in 6 months, get rid of it.

Donate it, sell it off, repurpose it and, if you have to, throw it away. The ultimate goal is to just get rid of it. Some people will find this task a lot harder than others. There is a major psychological element to actually get rid of items that we own. If you find yourself struggling, try bumping up the time of unused items to a year. The point is to create space in the house, get rid of clutter and free yourself from the unnecessary junk.

And before anyone says anything, there can always be exceptions. The exceptions can be things like collectables, heirloom pieces, extremely sentimental items and whatever you want to keep. This is just an easy guide to help you take a honest and real inventory of your belongings. We all know we don’t need 32 sweaters or 18 blankets, so let’s give it to those who do need these things. Start this year by helping yourself and others. Get your year started off in the right direction!
Cozy coastal cottage vibes in a beach inspired living roomLots of textures in a cozy coastal bedroom

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins 97 ::


Monday Pins

Coastal laundry room with pops of blue and yellowIf your New Year’s resolution was to keep a tidier home and stay on top of cleaning, this week’s Monday coastal home decor pins are for you! We’re featuring a couple lovely laundry rooms to keep the spirit of cleaning in the new year! The laundry room can easily be over looked, but it’s a great place to decorate and have fun with accessories and colors. Get inspired by these amazing laundry rooms to keep up the good fight against mess and clutter this year! We hope you have a good week and happy Monday!

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Details in the laundry room Laundry room with a cute little office space Dog bath in the laundry room Laundry room with a fun and vibrant wall paper