:: 3 Quick Tips To Living Room Furniture ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal living room full of fun patterns with a blue and white color paletteThe living room is one of the most important rooms in the home. It’s ranks right behind the kitchen and we’re sure if it was possible to merge the two without it looking/being weird it would be done in every home. With such importance put on this room, why would you not try to make it the best possible? Make it the best for function, the best in design and the best in decor. Today we’ve got 3 quick tips on living room furniture to help you with just that! So without further adieu, here they are!

1. Space, space, space. 

Space is a very important part of the living room. How much? How little? What measurements? Where will this fit? Will this fit? Not only is it important to make sure your furniture will actually fit, but it’s equally important to figure out where you will have empty space. There’s no need to cram as much as you can into the living room. Make sure the room has some space to breathe and allow for everyone to move around the room comfortably.

2. Invest in the future.

There’s a classic saying that goes, “You get what you pay for.” This is especially true when it comes furniture. Your furniture is going to take a beating. Maybe you won’t have kids and animals running and jumping all over it, or maybe you will, but your furniture still takes a good amount of abuse. So make sure you don’t cheat yourself by trying to take a cheap route!

3. Like the seasons, colors change.

A color palette can change with the blink of an eye. Imagine walking into a new space and you’re instantly inspired. It makes you think about your colors and what you want to change. This is why you should decide on your furniture colors last. Get an idea of what type of furniture or how you want it to look and go from there. It’s pretty common for furniture to come in a multitude of colors and patterns these days so that should’t be too much of a problem. If not, it’s time to get DIY and now that piece has become personal as well as custom.
Coastal living room with great artwork and funky patterns Great coastal living room full of textures and unique decor Nautical inspired decor in the living room, complete with the view! Rustic, coastal cottage style living room done in neutrals

:: Have You Stopped By Our Sale Yet?? ::


photo 2Our sale started last wednesday and is going strong! Make sure you make it down to the store before everything is gone! This sale is in store only and up to 50% off! We hope to see all of your beautiful faces soon!

:: More Semi-Annual Sale Pictures! ::


photo 2Here are some more pictures from the store! Come on down and check everything out in person! Up to 50% off and in store only. We hope to see you here!

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a line!
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:: Semi-Annual Sale Starts Today! ::


septsale_FB_2014Our semi-annual sale has started! Come on and get up to 50% off! This sale is in store only and we’ve already had a great turn out! Thank you!

If you’re still thinking about coming in and need a little inspiration, we’ve got you! Check out some of the goodies we have in the store! We added a few pictures to get you started on your sale-shopping, so take a look and then come on into the store!
photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

:: Display Your Collection On The Wall ::


Tuesday Tips

Vintage swimsuits displayed on the wall of a coastal homePeople naturally collect things. We decide on something we like then head out and hunt for the item. After a healthy amount of rummaging through flea markets, you have a collection you feel is worth showing. How are you going to display the collection you worked so hard to find? We have a suggestion, head to the walls! Walls are a great way to display your collections! They give us plenty of space to show off our finds. Plus they provide extra room for you to add to your collection because let’s be honest, it never stops growing.

Kick up the collection with frames and get fancy with it. Frames are a good way to display the collection on the wall and let people know you’re proud of your hard work. Another way is to invest in wall shelves and prop your collection up for all to see. It’s great way to open up the home for other decor and design elements. Using the walls helps you make the most of the space in your home and prevents the over cluttering of side consoles or tables. So head to the walls and start displaying your collection today!
Coastal wall collection of shells Model sail boats displayed on the wall Nautical collection of sail boat pictures and models Nautical floats hanging from the wall

:: Happy Weekend Pins ::


Feature Friday

Coastal outdoor space with great sea glass jugs and rustic style furnitureWhat comes after Friday? The two best days of the week, Saturday and Sunday! And that means it’s time for the weekend! This week’s Weekend Pins post is all about good decor and happy vibes. We hope it spills over into your weekend and you enjoy yourself. So get those boards ready and start pinning! Happy Friday!

Want more coastal pins? Then follow us on Pinterest! Check out our boards here!
Coastal space decorated in blue. Lovin' all the different hues! Coastal vignette with nautical influences from the rope mirrors Cute boho chic sofa and pillows. In love with the patterns! Nautical bedroom with fun, coastal accessories overlooking the water

:: Tuvalu Home’s Semi-Annual Sale! ::


septsale_FB_2014Our semi-annual sale starts September 10th! This sale is in store only and is up to 50% off select items! So make sure you come in next Wednesday for the first day of the sale! We’re open 9am – 7pm daily, so we’ll be here for all of your home decor wants and needs!

:: The Most Depressing Decorating Trends of 2014 ::


What’s Trending Wednesday


These survey results have been floating around for a little bit now and we wanted to share with you guys. A new survey of decorating reveals some not-so-pretty trends.

The online survey of Houzz users currently working on a decorating project finds that:

• Just 2% feel like they’ve achieved their vision for their homes, though 54% said they’re on their way to their goal.

• Though that vision might be a singular one, since the survey found that only 29% of women consider their significant other’s taste when making design decisions, compared with 43% of men.

• TVs are also infiltrating more rooms of the house, including kids’ bedrooms. In fact, 35% of respondents said their children’s rooms have TVs, which is the same percentage as those who have reading nooks.

• Another surprise is that 16% of respondents have televisions in their dining rooms. That’s a new definition of TV dinner.

• Maybe more people would use their dining rooms if there was a TV in it? A combined 30% of users say they use their dining room monthly, rarely, or never.

• Maybe more people are eating in bed, since the survey found that 52% of master bedrooms have TVs, and 8% have a mini fridge, which is the same percentage of master bedrooms that have fireplaces.

The survey of 1,715 Houzz users in the U.S. and Canada was conducted in July.

:: 3 Quick Tips On Playing With Bright Colors ::


Tuesday Tips

bold blue accents on a white nuetral base in this cozy family roomLooking to bring a little more color into your home? Then check out these 3 quick tips on playing with color in your home!

1. Start with the neutral. 

If you want your bright decor to really stand out, use a neutral base to let it shine. Don’t create a competition between your decor. There only needs to be one star and that’s the bright color you choose to accent.

2. Be consistent.

Use the color in each space. There’s no need for every room to have large amounts of the color, but by dropping little splashes in each room can help carry the color palette throughout the home. It keeps the design consistent and flow through each room.

3. Mix it up.

Every hue is not created equal. And you can use this to your design advantage. Focus on your primary colors and use different shades to compliment them. This way you can let them shine while still filling the room with more decor.

Bright colors and patterns in the bedroom with great coastal decor Brightly colored designed room with a great open feeling Coastal kitchen with a bright color block island Coral inspired bright colors and fun patterns in a coastal bedroom