:: Go Coastal With Stripes! ::


Tuesday Tips

89d42374e6e6d1f022acd3d87eff478fIt’s time for you to try some stripes on for size! They’re calling your name and we think you’re ready to answer!

There are numerous ways to decorate with stripes. You can grab striped fabrics, accessories or even paint stripes like in the picture featured below. Stripes are fun and add a little extra eye candy to any space. They also break up the solid colors in the space which fights off repetition in the room.

The beauty of stripes is that they can be used in any space and in any home. No home is left behind when it comes to stripes! Check out how these designers decorated using stripes!
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:: Dana Point Design Project ::


16 Corniche 001This design project is truly a special project to us here at Tuvalu Home. It belongs to one of our own who is responsible for many of the amazing things within our company and (as you will see) has remarkable taste and style. This home is absolutely  beautiful and this moment has long been awaited. We’re so happy that we can finally show this to you! You really have no idea how long we’ve been waiting for this! The home is 110% Tuvalu, literally everything is from out store. If you’re anxious to see this home right now, jump over to the portfolio page here. We don’t blame you, you can come back and read more later. For those of you who want a little more info, keep on reading!

After nearly 10 years as a buyer for our store, Jaymi has had plenty of time to gather her favorite Tuvalu pieces for when the time came to create her perfect home by the sea.  Recently, the time came and finally she was able to transform her home into the perfect space.

In looking for inspiration Jaymi would always think of the grandest most beautiful homes and hotels she had been to and take note of what made them feel so special. She used this little strategy and applied it to her smaller home for a luxurious cozy feel.

When people ask Jaymi what the style of her home is she has no idea what to tell them except that it is just filled with all the things that she loves individually or that mean something to her. And somehow, with no surprise, they all just work. But she says these two rugs pictured directly below are a good representation of her style – a little coastal and little rustic.  She couldn’t decide on which one she wanted for her living room. She didn’t know if she wanted to go more rustic with the cowhide or stay true to her location with a coastal blue and white striped rug, but in the end she couldn’t part with either. As time went on it turned out she loved them just the way they are, in perfect harmony.

We’ve dropped a few pictures in this post to show you guys what we’re talking about. These are just a sample and you absolutely have to go to the portfolio page for this design project. Go to portfolio page here! And don’t worry, we aren’t done talking about this project yet. We have another post coming that’s going to breakdown some of the rooms, details and more! Plus some before and afters! Stay tuned and enjoy!

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:: Coastal Easter Eggs! ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

d1b5845be97af49b133a9dfc10aaf84dEaster is this Sunday! Yes, this Sunday! That means we get to create some Coastal Easter Eggs! Time to bring out those coastal blue, sea glass green and sun rise yellow dyes to get our dip on! We grabbed some of our favorite Coastal Easter Egg pictures to share with you guys today and we love these! Draw inspiration and ideas from these beautifully decorated eggs and have some fun with it this Easter! Tell the kids that you guys have a theme this year and you need their help! And if for some reason the kids abandon ship and go rogue on your theme, you’ve at least got the family together doing something fun. Happy Easter everyone!

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:: Spring Sofa Slip ::


Tuesday Tips

pastels_01-lWant a quick and easy way to bring a little more spring into the home? Then try this little tip out! Go out and find yourself a nice spring colored slip for the sofa! Look for bright and fun spring colors or some cool and mellow pastel colors! The choice is yours!

If you want more pastel ideas and inspirations for this spring, be sure to check out our Perfectly Pastel Post Here!
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:: Dana Point Design Project Preview ::


16 Corniche 001Are you guys ready to see our latest project? Because we’re definitely ready to show you guys! We love the way this home turned out and can’t wait to show you! Unfortunately, you guys have to wait until later this week. We’re getting it up on the blog and making sure we don’t leave anything out, so please be patient! Stay tuned and check back later this week for a full view of this amazing coastal home we designed!
16 Corniche 002

:: Weekend Coastal Backyard Pins! ::


Feature Friday

9663215022890ba35084849500fa0c3eIf you couldn’t tell by now, we’ve been obsessed this week with getting outside and enjoying the weather. So of course this week’s weekend’s pins are going to be all about being outside. So without further adieu, we give you your weekend pins! Get those pin buttons ready and start adding to those boards! We’ve got 5 pinable pictures that should inspire you and your Pinterest followers to get outside and enjoy this weekend! Happy Friday!

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:: Dust Off That Patio! ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

5ac2c93dbf09d5ef4f208d2c5c527e5bIt’s time to get that patio ready for spring and summer! Then make up some lemonade and get outside! It’s beautiful out here in Laguna Beach and we’re hoping it’s the same for everyone else no matter where you are! The patio is a great place to chill out, relax and even soak up some vitamin D. Set your patio up with a beautiful outdoor sofa or a set of rocking chairs to rock the day away in.

The patio gives you an excuse to be outside. Who doesn’t want to be outside on a beautiful day? We know we do! Plus once you set up your patio you’ve created an outdoor office if you work from home. Looks like work just got a little better ;)

So what are you waiting for?? Take some tips from these designers and see how they set up these stunning patios! Don’t miss out on this beautiful weather!
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:: 3 Quick Tips For Outdoor Dining ::


Tuesday Tips

e1ffec3d43bd92f1621d8f8834579118The sun is out and it’s hot! Perfect weather to head to the backyard for a dinner with a sunset view. The spring and summer seasons are great for outdoor dining. And every once in awhile the heat hangs around long enough to make for a cozy outdoor dining experience. Here are 3 quick tips to help you take total advantage of the weather and get the most of the season!

1. Dinnerware

The dishes and utensils don’t have to be extra fancy, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be cute! Heading outside for a little dinner can easily get messy and the last thing you want or need are broken plates or cups – leave the glass and porcelain inside. Find some cute plastic plates or even some rustic tin ones and hit the great outdoors!

2. Comfy Seats

Being comfortable makes every experience that much better. Outdoor dinners are one-fourth eating and three-fourths spending time with the people you love. Why not let everyone be comfy while you guys enjoy the weather? Invest in some chairs that offer comfort. Worried about style? Then grab some outdoor cushions to plop down on those chairs!

3. Enjoy The View

This tip is the most important! Enjoy being outside! Enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful weather!

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:: Weekend Kitchen Pins! ::


Feature Friday

1d34f280b6bdffc24aa481786ca49172Get in the kitchen and create a culinary master piece! Wait, your not an Iron Chef? Or gifted with Giada De Laurentiis’ kitchen skills?? To be honest, we aren’t either, but we love to be in the kitchen and to cook up some fun meals for family and friends! Everyone’s got their go-to dish! This weekend whip up yours and cook for the family, friends or just treat yourself!

Here are some pins for the boards to get your in the mood and inspire you to be in the kitchen! Get that pin button ready! And get yourself ready for the weekend! Happy Friday!

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:: Breakfast Nook Love! ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

01-diy-dream-house-dining-room-0214-xlnWe think everyone deserves to wake up in the morning and have breakfast in their own breakfast nook. Who doesn’t want to cozy up with their favorite book/magazine and a warm cup of coffee? Sounds perfect to us!

We love some of these amazing breakfast nooks and had to share with you guys! We love the built-in seating and the extra dining seats it offers. The space also gives us a little extra space to compliment the kitchen decor and take it step further.

What do you think about breakfast nooks? Love yours? Want/need one? Let us know what you think! And don’t forget to check out what these designers have done with these breakfast nooks!
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