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What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal workspace with great colors and textures throughou the spaceHaving a designated workspace in the home is essential for every home. Whether you work from home or just need a place to write the latest blog post, your home should have a spot for that. In this post we’re looking at some of our favorite workspaces we’ve found on the web. They inspire us to make our spaces better and, in a weird way, to get work done. Weird, right!? Take a look at these coastal workspaces and pull inspiration from them to start or finish yours!
Light, airy and open coastal workspace Modern Coastal workspace decorated in white and blue Perfect space for designing! Clean, open and ready to let the imagination run wild with design Sceneic workspace that over looks the ocean. Talk about a beautiful distraction!

:: 3 Different Ways To Decorate Your Pumpkin! ::


Tuesday Tips

Decorate your fireplace with fire carved pumpkins!Pumpkins are one of the greatest parts of Halloween! They’re so much fun to decorate, carve and let’s not get started on all the yummy pumpkins seed you can eat! We are big fans of the traditional pumpkin carving, it’s kind of a Halloween must, but sometimes you want to try a new approach and there’s nothing wrong with that. Mixing it up a little bit makes life fun! In this post we’re looking at 3 different ways to decorate your pumpkin this Halloween and we’re pretty excited to see what everyone comes up with season! So scroll down and get the creative juices flowing!
Carving pumpkins without fully carving pumpkins this Halloween season1. Carve without carving.

Carve without carving? Yes, you read that right. We’re talking about carving into the surface and taking a little bit of it off the top. Pick out a fun design and go at it!
Halloween pumpkins covered and decorated with stickers2. Slap some stickers!

Not looking to make a mess this Halloween season? What about using stickers? Put your favorite Halloween expressions or poems on your pumpkins! Maybe even channel your inner Edgar Allen Poe this season. The darker the better!
Painted pumpkins covered with lace for a unique look for this Halloween3. Lace up

Looking to get fancy this Halloween? Then cover those pumpkins in lace! Cover them in fun, lacy patterns to give them a fantastic and festive look! Want to ramp it up? Try painting the pumpkins first, like pictured above!

:: 10 DIY Projects That Are Past Their Prime (And How To Update Them) ::


What’s Trending Wenesday

diy trends collageHouse Beautiful put together an amazing list of 10 DIY projects you should probably pass on. Most of these are regulars on Pinterest and you’ve more than likely done one or two of them. Pinterest has a lot of great ideas and DIY tutorials, but sometimes you just need to not do it. As fun as trends are, they start to get overdone. And a big part of trends is knowing what not to do or what isn’t trendy any more. Luckily for us, this list not only touches on the bad, but offers ways to update and improve!

Check out the list over on House Beautiful’s website here and keep up with the latest decor trends.

:: 3 Quick Tips On How To Decorate For The Fall ::


Tuesday Tips

Fall entryway ready to greet the guests with perfect decorThere’s no fighting it, fall is here and the leaves are definitely changing. There’s no need to guess anymore, Mother Nature is letting us know. If you haven’t already started decorating for the fall then this blog post is just for you! We’ve got 3 quick tips on to decorate for the fall! These tips will help you get started and should inspire you to keep decorating for the fall. Ready or not, here come the tips!

1. Let The Great Outdoors Help.

Mother Nature is one of the greatest decorators to ever exist. If you really think about it, she’s probably responsible for one of your favorite spots (first, of course, is the wonderful bathtub with a glass of wine). So let her help out and bring some of those fall colors inside! Bring those beautiful reds, yellows and oranges into the decor. Grab some wild grass and bundle it up for display. There’s no reason to not let the fall foliage and the changing of colors do the heavy lifting for you.

2. Design With Warmth In Mind.

Now we’re not just talking about layering up, laying out extra blankets or cranking the fire place – those are a given. We’re talking about colors! You’ve already decided to bring in the fall colors with floral accents, so why not drive it home with complimentary colors? Create warm and inviting spaces for everyone! Guest season is starting, so why not give them a great welcome with your love and beautiful fall home decor?

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Get Out.

It hasn’t started snowing yet! And if it has, we’re sorry and we wish it hadn’t. Fall gives you a few more chances to get outside to enjoy the backyard or patio! Just grab your warmest sweater, a few extra blankets, your warm beverage of choice and enjoy the beautiful outdoors! It also gives you a few more chances to use the fire pit and really turn up the heat! So think about some extra comfy padding for that outdoor furniture set because you’re not done using it yet! Coastal dining room with festive, fall foliage as decor Fall entryway with beautiful fall foliage Perfect fall patio set up! Ready to enjoy the leaves changing colors! Cute fall decorations mixed into the sidebaord

:: Pumpkin Weekend Pins ::


Feature Fridays

Beautifully painted pumpkins featuring fall foliageFall is in full swing during the month of October. We really start to see the leaves change and we get to have fun celebrating a very festive holiday – Halloween. It’s almost here! Just a  couple more weeks. To get in the spirit of Halloween, we’ve gathered a few fun and festive pumpkins for you guys to pin up on your boards! So get those pin buttons ready ladies and gentlemen because we’re getting your boards Halloween ready! Hopefully these pumpkins inspire you to go out and get yours started if you haven’t already! Happy Friday!
Coastal pumpkins painted as beach balls for this upcoming Halloween Cute painted pumpkins with fun and colorful patterns Decorated staricase lined with cute, painted pumpkins spelling out Halloween Halloween pumpkins painted as a fun craft for the family and kids

:: Nautical Flag Decor ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Nautical flags strewn about a kids coastal bedroomThe nautical flag is no stranger to our blog or to coastal decor. So it should be no surprise that you see them on the blog today. These guys have been showing up left and right in coastal homes lately. Flip through this month’s Coastal Living and you’ll spot your fair share of nautical/signal flags. Nautical flags are great in any coastal home because they bring in bright colors and make covering the walls a breeze. Have you ever seen a boring space with nautical flags? No way! They’re too much fun to be boring!

Check out how these designers have decorated with nautical flags in each space. They infuse the bright and bold flags into the decor with ease. Take notes ladies and gentlemen because this how you design a space with nautical flags.
Coastal bedroom decorated with nautical flags Nautical flag art hanging in a coastal bedroom Nautical flags framed in the living room Coastal Living 2014 showhouse with nautical flags hanging in the kitchenNautical flags hang above the dining area in a coastal home

:: Maximize Your Window Nook ::


Tuesday Tips

Window nook painted a fun turquoise and decorated with pillows to complimentWindow nooks are a great addition to any home. They allow extra light into the home, give you a nice little place to sit and can offer up some extra storage. Does your home have a window nook? If it does, are you taking advantage of it? Don’t overlook this little architectural detail! Window nooks give you plenty of space to decorate and design. You can bring life to them with just a few pillows or you can keep going with the decor and maybe even install some storage space. They also allow you carry your decor throughout the home. They can be used as a transitional area to keep your home’s style flowing from space to space. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a nice, big window that brightens up a space and lets it breathe? We’re trying to liven up the home and natural light allows us to do just that.

Take a look at what these designers have done with window nooks. See how they style them and what accessories they use to really decorate the nook to it’s fullest! Get inspired and then start on your nook! Or start dreaming about the nook you wish you had ;).
Beautiful window nook allowing natural light to pour into the space Cute cottage window nook decoratde with fun patterns and matching colors Great storage use out of a window nook Simple window nook with padding for sitting and cozy pillows

:: Outdoor Vibes Weekend Pins ::


Feature Friday

Great outdoor space with an amazing view of the oceanWe love Laguna Beach. There really isn’t much to dislike about this city. Maybe the summer traffic, but we don’t know anyone who gets exited about traffic. We feel so lucky and fortunate to live here, we wish everyone could live in an amazing place like Laguna. One thing that we’re blessed with is the weather. And lately, the weather has been amazing. It doesn’t take much convincing from the clear blue skies and shining sun to get us to go outside. That’s why this weekend we plan on spending our time outdoors in our backyards or lounging around the patio. So it should come to no shock that this week’s weekend pins has to be all about outdoor spaces.

We’ve gathered some inviting, well decorated spaces for you guys to enjoy. These pictures should get you in the mood for the weekend and the break you get from the crazy work week. Imagine yourself relaxing and forgetting about your worries in one of these spaces. Sounds nice, huh? Enjoy the weekend and have fun! Happy Friday!

Want more pins for this Pinterest Boards? Then head on over and follow us for more coastal pins and decor here!
Boho chic patio area with beauitful, oversized pendant lights Great indoor dining space with an outdoor feel decorated with natural materials and fun patterns on the end chairs In love with this chic outdoor sitting area. Perfect for gatehring friends and family for an afternoon of fun Looking out onto the water through clean, moden influenced coastal decor

:: Coastal Moroccan Decor ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Beautiful moroccan coastal bedroom over looking the clear blue waterMoroccan decor is bright, colorful and coastal in nature. So of course, we natural love it. It also brings a boho chic feeling without even trying. The style plays with our eyes and guides them on a tour of the space with colors and patterns. Patterns are a main theme in the Moroccan style as well. The patterns bright and bold with fun shapes.

Check out some of these Moroccan designed spaces. See how these designers paint the space with bright colors and fun patterns.
Clean moroccan coastal bedroom Coastal Moroccan Decor in the living room Modern coastal space decorated with moroccan accents Moroccan outdoor backyard space