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:: 3 Quick Decorating Tips For Tropical Design In Your Home ::


Tuesday Tips

Beautiful tropical decor inspired outdoor patio spaceTropical home decor is great for transforming your home into the tropical island getaway you’ve always wanted. Incorporate lush, green plants and natural, earthy tones to create a tropical paradise. Today we have 3 quick decorating tips for tropical design in your home. These tips will help you get started on a tropical home decor journey in the place you call home.

1. Keep It Tonal
Go neutral with the colors and tones in your home. Step away from the typical tropical style that uses bright colors and crazy patterns. Create an environment and space that invokes relaxing island feels. Try decorating with whites and natural colors.

2. Lush Greens
Tropical locales are always rich in greens. Upon seeing bright greens and palm leaves, you’re immediately transported to the tropical state of mind. Pair the vibrant greens with a neutral color palette and really create a lasting impression.

3. Natural Elements
Designing with natural materials not only brings an element of nature, but a look that can withstand the weather. Tropical regions are prone to wet weather and need materials that can look good as well as preform. Turn to designing with light colored woods or even dark, rich woods to create a striking look.
Tropical design elements in an outdoor seating area Tropical home with a thatched roof and simple wood furniture Tropical home with high ceilings decorated with a neutral color paletteTropical home with an open flow throughout the space

:: Cuban Tile ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Beauitful tile work in a cuban homeNow that traveling to Cuba has become easier for Americans, it seems that everyone is trying to make their way over there and see what they’ve been missing out on. Even though it’s not exactly legal to just jump a flight and vacation over there, the lengthy process that once was has been set aside making traveling over much less of a hassle. Heading over there under the guise of journalism is one way to ensure a trip to Cuba. That’s why you may have seen many publications toting their Cuban trips, photos and stories. We have no objections to people sharing the Cuban culture because it is as island lifestyle as it gets. We love seeing the architecture, the design and the home decor that we now get an up close look at.

One design aspect we’re really excited about is the beautiful tile work that they do in Cuba. The bright, colorful patterns are gorgeous and something to dream about. As trendy as trips to Cuba are, the culture and lifestyle that they finally get to share with us is much more fascinating. We’ve gathered some great Cuban tile photos and we hope there are many more to come from travels over to their country. Take a look at how they have create wonderful works of art and get inspired to bring a little Cuban style to your home.
Cuban home with a turquoise color pallete and stunning tile work Cuban kitchen with great tile work and open shelvesCuban style tile on outdoor stairs Cuban tile in the home with bright, tropical colors

:: Creating Island Vibes With Bamboo ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Bamboo mirror with coastal detailsGet into the island mindset by decorating with bamboo! Real bamboo or faux bamboo, it provides a fun, tropical look for the home. Pick from adding a few bamboo accents to enlisting larger pieces to really sell the island look. Check out what these designers have done with bamboo. Get ideas, get inspired and start using bamboo to create a blissful island feel in your home!
Bamboo side console with nautical and coastal details Beautiful entry with coatsal details, bamboo seatee and beach ready accessories Coastal bedroom with bamboo lined ceiling Coastal Dining area with bamboo chairs

:: Tropical State of Mind ::


Beautiful troipcal inspired detailsAs the cold weather chills our bodies, we won’t let it beat our spirits! If we aren’t laying out on the beach basking in the warmth of the sun, we can always imagine we are. We can do the same with our homes while we’re huddling around the fireplace and staying cozy under our warm blankets. A little tropical inspiration in our homes can go a long way! If you need a winter weather pick me up, here’s a couple tropical inspired spaces that will do just that! Here’s to warmer days and looking forwards to summer time.
Coastal style with modern coastal influences Fun, tropical inspired pillows in a beach cottage Modern coastal decor with a touch of tropical style Simple coastal living room with tropical vibes

:: Thinking Tropical ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Beautiful, open trpoical living space with lush, green plantsWe’re checking out and heading to the island life. Bring on the white sand beaches, beautiful palms and a cozy hammock, please! Unfortunately, it’s not that easy, but we aren’t beaten that easy! We’re taking a mental vacay to the tropics! And we’re inviting you guys to come with us! It also seems like we’re not the only ones that are looking for the island life. The tropical style has been showing up recently and it’s more than welcomed this time of the year. We haven’t forgotten that most of the country actually experiences winter. Hang in there guys! Spring will be here soon! In the mean time, kick your shoes off and dream of warm beaches with the sun shining. It’s never a bad time to get inspired by these great tropical spaces. We’re loving the way these look and wish we could just jump right in them! See you guys out there!

Outdoor tropical backyard space with lots of vegetation Tropical inspired outdoor space ready to relax inAsian inspired tropical space with eclectic decorWelcoming hammock in a tropic home

:: Tropical Coastal Design ::


Tuesday Tips


Imagine living on an island. Now take that island and put it in your home. That’s basically what you do with Tropical Coastal Design and it’s wonderful. The style is all about making you feel like your living the island life – always. There are plenty of natural elements incorporated into the style that play a major role in the decor. From real plants to floral patterns, the Tropical Coastal Design style transforms you into an island paradise.

The floral pattern is a pattern you can count on being present in Tropical Coastal Design. The pattern helps bring the lush, island vegetation indoors. It’s a great way to bring life into a space without actually bringing living things into it. On the other hand, bringing real plants and flowers into the home is another great way to decorate the tropical way. The green vegetation actually brings nature into the home and really completes the tropical tone.

Another way to bring the natural elements into a tropical space is with bamboo and wicker furniture. Bamboo screams tropical. It embodies tropical decor in ever fiber and is a must have for tropical spaces. The best part about bamboo is it’s versatility. It can be used in any space and looks great indoors and outdoors. Want to go tropical and need more than just bamboo? Then look into wicker furniture. The woven look provides a nice mix in form and texture for the space. It also comes in a variety of styles and colors giving you even more tropical decor options.

Using natural elements doesn’t stop with the furniture, it carries on down to the floor. Jute and sisal rugs are often seen in the Tropical Coastal Design style as well. These great rugs offer a nice texture to space and keep the style flowing. It’s not uncommon for a tropical home to have hardwood or tile floors. We can’t leave those floors bare can we? Of course not! The jute and sisal rugs are meant to be on the floor.

Last, but most definitely not least, you will see the color green a lot in tropical decor. It is the primary hue. The hue will usually be complemented by lots of neutral colors. This tends to happen because much of the decor originates from natural materials. A typical base color for the style is white. Again, a neutral color. This allows the greens to really pop and lets the natural decor in the space really shine.

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:: Tour de Coastal Design ::


Tuesday Tips


So you like coastal design? Great! Because we do too! The best part about coastal design and decor is that there’s much more to it than pretty shells and cute hues of blue. There are multiple types of coastal decor within the design style. They are beach cottage/rustic, Scandinavian, modern/eclectic, Mediterranean and tropical. Each design style has it’s own unique characteristics that we plan on looking at and breaking down. In the coming Tuesday tips posts we’ll feature one of the design styles and show you guys what they’re all about. To give you all a quick preview of what’s to come we’ve found living rooms from each style to include in this post. Stay tuned and check back in to see each style up close and personal!

Beach Cottage/Rustic




Mediterranean mediterranean-coastal-style-living-room-decor-tuvalu-home


Tropical tropical-coastal-decor-living-room-tuvalu-home-2

:: Key West Living ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

keyweststyle-3-lWe’re loving these Key West homes today! They’re getting us in the mood for sun and summer! We can’t wait! We know we have no right to complain about the weather since we live in California and we only have ‘one season’ year round. But it’s not true! It might not get snowy or poler vortex-like, but it definitely gets cold for us Californians! And just like the rest of you, we long for warm, sunny summer days.

So let these amazingly beautiful Key West homes bring you up and out of the cold slump and into better days. Enjoy all the rich colors and warm tones that the designers use throughout the spaces to really give it a tropical, coastal look and feel.

How nice would it be to spend some time with the family out on patio soaking up the sun and company? In due time my friends! Soon warmer weather will be here.

keyweststyle-5-l keyweststyle-9-l keyweststyle-15-lkeyweststyle-1-l