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:: Coastal Home Decor Pins #41 ::


Monday Pins

Bright coastal living roomEverybody it’s Monday!! It’s time for your coastal home decor pins! We’ve got five pins that are fresh for those coastal Pinterest boards. We gathered these pins to help you get inspired and for spread the love for coastal home decor! We hope you have a good week and have a happy Monday!

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Coastal staircase in an all white monochromatic style home Cute coastal cottage living room Living room with elegant coastal decor Neutral colors paired with blue hues in a coastal living room


:: Spring Sofa Slip ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal living room with spring colorsWant a quick and easy way to bring a little more spring into the home? Then we’ve got just the tip for you!

Go out and find yourself a nice spring colored slip for the sofa! It’s a large piece of furniture that easily stands out when you put some color on it. Look for bright and fun spring colors or maybe playful pattern! The choice is yours! And when spring is over, just pull the slip off. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

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Pinks in a coastal living room Pastel colors in a cottage style living room



:: Design Around A Unique Coffee Table ::


Tuesday Tips

Modern coastal living room with unique furnitureA good coffee table can set the tone and feel for any living room. It gives the space a spark while letting people know you’re not afraid to get creative and flex your design muscles. A living room is typically formed with a sofa, a chair of sorts, a side table or two, a rug and a coffee table. And usually they’re all arranged so that the coffee table is in the center. We say usually because we have seen a few interesting living room arrangements, but everyone has their style and that’s what keeps design fun. If you want more ideas on the living room then head over and take a look at these living room furniture tips.

Since the coffee table is in the center why not start there? Think of it as a center piece. Center pieces aren’t meant to be boring or plain. So why should your coffee table? Use it to start with a bang and ride that momentum throughout the space’s design and decor. Check out some of this unique coffee tables thats really stand out and drive home the coastal style. These designers didn’t limit themselves to basic coffee tables and it really shows in these spaces.

If you’re looking to add a unique coffee table to spice up your living room, you can start looking now on the Tuvalu Home online store!
An old trunk converted to a coffee table in a coastal cottage living room Coastal living room with a unique coffee table Coastal cottage living room Coastal living room with nautical inspired decor and a unique coffee tableCoastal cottage living room with a wicker style coffee table

:: 3 Ways To Accent Your Home With Color ::


Tuesday Tips

Beautiful Coastal living room with deep-blue accent painted wallsUsing color to accent walls and spaces is a great technique that anyone can use throughout their home. Step one is deciding what color you want to accent or highlight the space with. When you’re picking out the color there’s one main thing you need to consider, what do you want your accent color to accomplish? Do you want it to be bright? Do you want it compliment the color palette in a subtle way? Maybe you want something that does both? If you’re having a hard time deciding how to use color to accent, these 3 ways to accent your home with color will help. Each of the 3 ways to accent your home with color gives you design ideas and decor options to help you accent with color.

1. Accent A Wall

The easiest, and most effective way, to accent with color in your home is by painting a wall. It’s one wall with one color and you’re done. Painting can be a hassle, but thankfully it’s only one wall and not the entire room. This wall can be painted in a bright color to stand out or it can be used to add color while complimenting the space (pictured above).

Coastal cottage style kitchen with an accent painted island

2. Accent A Specific Section

If you want to get creative with color, try accenting a specific section of the space. For example, in the kitchen you can paint the island a different color to create an accent piece in the kitchen space (pictured above). Another way this has been done is by painting the inside of shelves. If it’s a built in shelf, for example, the inside area of the shelf can be painted a different color to create a more interesting accent style.

Coastal living room with colored accessories to help accent the space with pops of color

3. Accent With Accessories

The third way to accent with color does not involve painting. If you’re not handy with a brush, this is the option for you. Accent the space by decorating with accessories (pictured above). This is usually done by decorating on a neutral color palette in order for the accessory colors to pop. Hunting the pieces down can be a task, but it is all part of the fun that we call decorating. Also, don’t forget how easy the internet has made shopping for specific color palettes. Each item adds a fun pop of color that allows you to use colors to accent the space to your heart’s desire. Coastal cottage style kitchen with light blue and turquoise accent pieces Coastal living room with a bright yellow accent painted wall and accessoires to match

:: Bronze Side Tables ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

A bronze side table with coastal detailsBronze side tables are great pieces to add to a coastal living room. They bring a good mix of of style and texture to the space. With a vintage, antique look the side tables bring another layer of design to the decor. It’s soft, metal hue is easy to work into most color palettes too. Check out what these designers have done in coastal living rooms with bronze side tables. Get inspired and see what a bronze side table could do in your home!Coastal living rom with blue and white decor, host chair and bronze side table Coastal living room with a blue and white stripe sofa and bronze side table Coastal living room with bronze side table Coastal living room with eclectic decor and a bronze side table

:: Coastal Vibes Monday Pins ::


Coastal bedroom done in a grey color paletteLet’s start the week with the right vibes. That’s right, we’re talking coastal vibes. We’ve gathered a few photos that will ease you into this week’s madness and help you enjoy the rest of your Monday. Each picture we’ve grabbed should transport you into a coastal haven that is worthy of pinning and sharing on your Pinterest boards. So get those pin buttons ready ladies and gentlemen, because we’ve got a few pinable photos that we want to share with you. Scroll down, enjoy and get ready for the rest of this week.

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Coastal bedroom with an airy, open feel Coastal details in the hallway Mellow coastal vibes with an amazing view Simple coastal stariway with minimal details

:: Spotted! Lee Ruby Skirted Sofa ::


Feature Friday

spotted lee ruby skirted sofaLook what we spotted in this month’s Coastal Living! It’s Lee’s Ruby Skirted Sofa! This sofa is a great addition to any home and any living room. This sofa from Lee Industries comes in a variety of fabric colors and styles which gives you plenty of options to design with. You can choose to go with a white fabric (like pictured above) and decorate with color around it or choose one of the many other fabric options Lee offers. If you want to add this sofa to your house, you can order it from our online store here! You can even come into the store and get it there! Happy Friday!

:: Fresh Air Weekend Pins ::


Open kitchen that blends the outdoor space with the indoor space perfectlyOpen the windows and open the doors, it’s time to let the fresh air in! Enjoy the summer breeze and the sunshine this weekend. Try opening your home to Mother Earth and let her bring life into your home. We’ve gathered some great images we hope inspire you to let the sunshine and fresh air in over the weekend. Take notes, start pinning and pad those Pinterest boards ladies and gentlemen! Most importantly, enjoy your weekend!

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Coastal living room with space and lots of natural light Naturally lit, open space with white decor and natural accentsBeautiful beach view with a great outdoor spaceOpen, airy coastal spacw with simple, minimal design

:: Coastal Weekend Pins ::


This week’s weekend pins consist of some good old fashion coastal style. Beautiful spaces with every detail noted and every available design opportunity taken advantage of. We love sharing great coastal decor with you guys and helping you create amazing boards on Pinterest. So here’s five more coastal pins to help you let go of the week and move into weekend mode. Get inspired, pin the pictures and then get out and create beautiful decor!  If you want more coastal pins you can see more on our Pinterest here! Happy Pinning! 

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tuvalu-home-4-men-1-lady-postWe’ve got a feature up on 4men1lady.com! We helped out with the living room redesign with a new coffee table and end table. Check out their blog post for more info and pictures here!